Our Pal December

December why don’t you go and get yourself fucked by a chainsaw. All your threads happen to mention that:
Israel is not the good guy it just is the best guy in this miserable planet, everyone who criticize it is an anti-semitic bastard, a fascist, a Hitler lover, etc. Examples: the media and the European leaders. And the you make a comment that would make Goebbels blush:
First Sailor said:

                "Jewish cemeteries and synagogues are under assault" ... Look there have been isolated incidents just like there were isolated incidents of attacks against people who looked middle-eastern in America.

             **You answered:** 

           According to these reports there have been 400 incidents against Jews in France. AFAIK there were one or two against middle-eastern-looking people in the US. And, the President immediately denounced them. The US perpetrators can expect the harshest of punishments. 

Also, no Jew did anything against France, whereas some middle-eastern looking men did commit an atrocity against America.
(this last was underlined by you)

      Make that a rusted chainsaw. That was the most remarkable racist comment I heard in a while, it astonishes me that I am the first one that send you to the pit for it. 
       First of all: Please describe how a "middle easter  person looks like"? Like Sharon? (you see Israel is also in the middle east) like Osama, or perhaps as just a regular guy dressed in funny clothes. Second just because they happen to be born in the middle east they can be discriminated, I don't know where are you from but no country on this planet has a clean sheet in the Human Rights direction office, certainly not mine. Worst if he happens to look like a middle east guy you harass him, at least you imply that. Why are it is justify to persecute them, according to you because a couple of them (they are millions) decided to commit atrocities. It is suspiciously similar to the argument that: Jews killed Jesus, then it is ok to exterminate  them. 
       Make that a rusted Ebola infected chainsaw. Of course I could be wrong perhaps I misunderstood you, perhaps you were a little angry and typed wrong. If that is a case I extend my apologies in advance. On the other hand if you really meant it, make that two rusted Ebola infected chainsaws.

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Estilicon, I explained my point not once, but twice. As I said, I was responding to a post that equated attacks against some Americans who somehow looked like terrorists with attacks against Jews in France. It’s terribly wrong for Americans to attack Arabs. I objected to the parallel with French atttacks on Jews.

I think there’s a difference between these two atrocious scenarios:

American bigot:

(Government responds by catching and prosecuting perpetrators. President immediately speaks out against these attacks.)

French bigot:

(Government downplays the problem, arrests few perpetrators. President waits months before speaking out.)

I’m not defining the look of these people. The bigots who attacked them decided that. As you must know, some American bigots murdered an unfortunate Sikh individual, who they apparently associated with the WTC attackers. I’m deploring that. Why are you not understanding?

I accept your apology.

I gave up on december in that thread when I realized I would have to start a new thread here and I didn’t want to do it. I considered resurrecting the thread Guinastasia started here in the Pit but then I thought the best thing with december is to ignore his ramblings. He doesn’t know where the hell he stands on anything and he hasn’t a clue.

december, get a clue. Calling European leaders antisemite because they do not fully support Israel is like calling someone a racist because he disagrees with Al Sharpton. Trying to reason with you is a waste of time.

The whole premise of December’s thread is garbage and suggests serious ignorance about both the US and Europe. European leaders are no more “anti-semitic” than American ones. Nor are they or their legal systems any more forgiving towards people who commit hate crimes than US leaders/laws. Nor are Americans who commit hate crimes in any way morally superior to their European counterparts.

There are politicians who lean towards a pro-Israeli position and those who are more pro-Palestinian in both Europe and the US. The tone in Europe tends to be less pro-Israeli than in the US, but it’s a matter of degree. There’s little to distinguish most W European leaders’ views on the issue from those of the State Dept.

Where there is a distinction, it reflects an important difference between Europe and the US - Europeans tend to be more prone to a relativistic view, while Americans prefer absolutes. Thus, Europeans may seem pragmatic or cynical from the US, while the US may seem idealistic or simplistic from Europe. But anyone convinced that one side (of the Atlantic or of the Middle Eastern conflict) has all the right answers needs to grow up.

December is free to enlighten himself about European affairs…

http://www.guardian.co.uk/ (British but has a very European outlook)

There are now three–three!!–threads with ‘december’ in the title. I don’t think that they are talking about the month either.

Keep yer chin up [December]. The DG’s would be boring without you.

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