Expalin this Arianna Huffington quote

“And the less said about Alberto Gonzales’ week, the better.”

She says this (and no more about it) in her Blog at

However earlier today, she also said, in relation to Alberto, that it was about his Senate testimony this past Thursday. This mention has since been deleted. If you know what was so bad about Gonzo’s week, or you have a link to this Hearing would you please post it?


Thanks, very much aldiboronti, even though it’s not as bad as I might have hoped.

In fact for Gonzo, this might constitute a damn fine week He’s got a job, still has his law license and he isn’t in jail.

So far. :smiley:

The report didn’t recommend that charges be filed but it was scathing and that doesn’t mean that charges won’t eventually be filed. The investigation goes on. He’s not out of the woods.

It couldn’t happen to a nicer flunky.