Expecting more or less of friends/family these days?

Snapped at my HS senior daughter - sole kid still at home - this morning over something minor. Realized that - in part - my words were influenced by these generally stressful times.

Just had a talk calmer with her, and pretty much told her we were under enough stress just seeing our savings - including for college - go up and down 10s of thousands a day/week. Said we really didn’t need her adding to the household stress. To the contrary, we expected her to help out more, not only with household chores, but also by managing her time/schedule better so that her school and work committments did not become stressors, and also simply to provide pleasant supportive conversation around the home - a cheap form of entertainment we can still afford!

I think she took it in the spirit it was intended. But it made me wonder if any of the rest of you found your interpersonal relations affected by any stress you might be experiencing these days from the election, the economy, or whatever. And if so, how are you dealing with it?

Definitely. As prices went up my income went down by about a third for reasons not related to the economy. I can barely pay my bills, and there’s no disposable income for anything fun. I’m also unhappy at my job, but the job market is so tight I’m afraid to change now. As such, I’m in a less than pleasant mood a lot of the time. Because of my unhappiness I feel I’m more snappish and resentful than usual, and I get emotional over small things I shouldn’t, because it’s another thing on top of everything else that’s bad. I’m worried about everything, I worry constantly. I cry a lot. I should probably see someone about it, get on some drug or another, but my insurance won’t cover it and I have no money (and 30k a year is too much to qualify for any programs).

The one I have to expect more of is myself. What I’m doing is trying very hard to remember how wonderful Z.R. Test and my daughter are. I make a conscious effort to be kind and courteous to them (those things used to come naturally, but now it’s hard). When I get snappish I backpedal quickly, and apologize profusely. I just hope I can hold out longer than all this hardship before I lose it, or them. :frowning:

So much wisdom in one paragraph, Kalypso. It’s a testament to these times.

I find myself backpedalling, too. My daughter & family (my SIL & Angelboy, my grandson) moved in with us a month or so back. I backpedal so I don’t treat my daughter as my little girl, as opposed to the young adult & new mom she is. My SIL hustles (legally speaking) to bring in money. He does day labor; advertises his expertise with a lawn mower and snow blower; spends every day putting employment applications everywhere that will take them.

Before the family moved back in, I would get up, spend time on the computer, go to work, come home, go to bed (with time for knitting/crocheting/reading). Now I get up early and take care of my grandson. He watches Sesame Street (yes, I use an electronic babysitter. I’m pragmatic.) while I shower, and Angelboy watches me put on makeup & get dressed for work. Any free time (for knitting/crocheting/reading) is either at work during breaks or when my Angel is asleep.

Also, my daughter & SIL use food stamps, use WIC, and go to food banks. They merge their food with what we have. This is overall a good thing, but makes for interesting conversation on occasion.

God’s in charge, not me. Good thing, too.

Love, Phil