expensive liquor

What is the most expensive liquor in the world? Why is it so expensive?

I think you need to refine the question a bit. Do you mean what is the most expensive mass-produced liquor? Or the most expensive aged, or very old liquor? Or even the highest price one has brought at auction? There are many possible answers.

You have refined my quetion for me. I would be looking for the answer to all the refined questions you asked about my initial OP. Thanks

If you are asking about production liquor, IIRC, it is… ta-da… Tequila!!!

Jose Cuervo has a grade of Tequila called 1800 Coleccion, which sells for $1000 a bottle, and is being called the most expensive production liquor in the world. The cost is due to the amount of labor that goes into selecting the right plants, the type of barrel it’s aged in, etc. There is also a Remy Martin Cognac which I’ve sold at my last job for 1100 a liter, but part of that cost is the crystal decanter it comes in.

For non-production, I’m not sure, but as an example, at an auction in Italy not long ago, someone paid 15,000 pounds Sterling apiece for 6 bottles of 60 year old Macallan Scotch. Each bottle is expected to be worth more than double that price within 5 years.