Experience with HandLab MetaGrip thumb brace?

This is not a request for medical advice, you are not a doctor unless you are, in which case you’re not my doctor, etc.

Has anyone here used the HandLab MetaGrip thumb splint?

I’ve done something bad to the carpometacarpal joint of my left hand. I saw an orthopedist who specializes in hand and wrist issues. The good news is that he didn’t see any evidence or arthritis or anything else that warrants a surgical solution. The bad news is, there’s lots of inflammation and I’m looking at a thumb brace, PT, and industrial quantities of NSAIDs. He sent me home with a soft thumb spica splint

He also urged me to look at the HandLab MetaGrip. It’s a semi-rigid splint and it looks like it might do a better job of stabilizing the joint, but it’s not cheap. If you’ve used this splint, I’d really appreciate hearing about your experience with it. Tell me if you loved it, hated it, or can’t remember anything about it except the price. What tasks could you do while wearing it? What tasks were impossible?

I really, really want to be able to knit comfortably again. If I think this splint will help, I’ll cough up the money.


Haven’t used it myself, but I had a customer just the other day (an occupational therapist) who swore it was the greatest ever, the only thing that kept her playing bridge, and we should totally get it for our (medical supply) store since we sell braces and such. Personally I think it looks like a great product, I like how it’s low-profile and water-resistent, but that price is ridiculous. There are a lot of thumb splint options that cost less than half as much - the SmartThumb is pretty popular with our customers, for example, or the Freehand CMZ looks like it would have similar advantages to the MetaGrip (low-profile, don’t need to take it off to wash your hands, adjustable). Do you have a local shop (pharmacy, sporting goods store) that has a variety of braces to try? I would try some more traditional thumb spica supports (with a ridgid or flexible stay, not just the all-neoprene ComfortCool one) that’re less expensive before shelling out for an unknown product… but I’m a cheapskate, and it’s not my thumb. Hopefully someone with more direct experience can contribute their knowledge! Good luck with whatever you decide.

Azile, Certified Orthotic Fitter & knitter with thumb issues.