Carple Tunnel wrist braces...looking for something in Leather

like more like a heavy metal studded thing than this blue and velcro thing they stuck me with, tried google and cant find anything that specialized. I was wondering if anyone had heard of or knew where to find something like this?

It is spelled “carpal tunnel.” That should help your searches.

Leather braces would be extremely hot to wear for hours at a time. And they wouldn’t have the flexibility that real braces do. And they would dig into the skin at the edges unless made from very expensive high-grade leather.

Who knows all the amazing things you can find on the Internet. Maybe you’re not looking for a real carpal tunnel brace either: just something that looks like one. That’s the possible good news. Even so, you’ll have a tough time finding a real carpal tunnel brace that will do your hands any good.

the one I have has produced shocking results (well I am shocked anyway) in about a week my hand/wrist is no longer a problem for me. in the last couple weeks before I was avoiding use of that hand for anything that I could.
I should clarify, I dont want a leather bracer to use as a wrist support, I want a wrist support that looks like a leather bracer. it can be lined with whatever and even use velcro so long as its covered.

meh I will live either way. I just thought it would be cool as hell and you know how it works if I had the thought then so did someone else.

Yonks ago, I made mine. Of course, it didn’t hurt that at the time, I was running a leather shop in San Francisco. Ironically, leather work was causing my carpal tunnel problems.

Your best bet will probably be to find a leather shop (I have no idea where you are, though) and have them make one for you. As a start, something as basic as a wide wristband may help - if it’s wide enough to dig into the bottom of your palm, it can be an effective way to almost unconsciously remind you to not let your hand droop. More elaborate ones could incorporate the steel “boning” from a regular brace.