Experiences with canine knee surgery and recovery

Our dog Frost injured his CCL about a year ago. He just pulled up lame while playing with some other dogs. We had X-rays done, and it was suggested that since the injury was minor, and he had no arthritis or hip dysplasia, that we start him on anti-inflammatories and go from there. He seemed to heal up well, but there have been two incidents since, and it appears we’re going to have to get knee surgery for him. Depending on what the current x-rays and drawer test show, we may have to get minor extracapsular surgery right on up to the TPLO surgery. Whichever works best for him. FTR, Frost is a 9 year old Siberian Husky, and weighs 80 lbs. Despite that, he’s not overweight. He’s just a big dawg.

Please share your dog recovery stories, and any advice would be appreciated!

My dog Kate (doberman/pointer mix) blew out both her ACLs, although not at the same time. I had surgical repair done and she healed just fine, no gimpiness or arthritis. Good luck, Frost!


Buddy the beagle had the surgery a few years back on his back left leg. He hated the recovery time. Basically they have to be confined in a crate for several weeks lest they romp around and re-injure themselves. I felt really bad for the poor little guy, who lives for his walks.

Good luck!

Fortunately, Frost has always been an exceptionally lazy dog, even as a pup. He doesn’t jump on furniture, he doesn’t climb stairs, and he’s got no romp in him at all. I believe he thinks it’s beneath him.

I’m hoping we can simply confine him to one room for recovery, since he’s not much of a mover, but if the vet recommends crating, I’m hoping he’ll be okay with it.