Experiences with wardrobe consultants?

We’re going to make a new set of training tapes at work which could be around for several years, if all goes well. I’ll be on camera and I’d like to look my best. Last time we did this I took the word of a random salesman who chose something that looked awful on video. It’s worth it for me put in some extra time this time around.

How do I find someone? Any tips that I should know ahead of time? Any interesting experiences? Any warnings?

FWIW, I’m a middle-aged guy.


Well, don’t wear a very small pattern - ever see somebody wear houndstooth on TV? It vibrates. So don’t do that.

My boyfriend in video production has dressed me for the camera, and he always says “More color!” - I’m a girl, though. Generally speaking, you want solids or larger prints to avoid the “shaking” look, you want color, and you don’t want to be washed out.

Don’t wear bright reds; standard-definition US TV doesn’t handle intense bright red well.

Flip through the local TV news channels and see what the anchors are wearing.

You’ll probably see a lot of dark suits, light blue or ivory shirts (white tends to “wash out” on video) and fairly bold, but not “loud” neckties.

The main “DON’Ts” are:

Avoid bright white - it washes out and looks bad
Avoid solid black - you’ll be a dark blob
Avoid small patterns like herringbone or houndstooth - the resulting “dot crawl” will make your viewers’ skin crawl.

The main “DO” is:

Wear something you’re comfortable in. There’s not much worse than watching someone for an hour who’s unconsciously fidgeting in a suit that doesn’t (heh!) suit them.