Experimenting with Ice Cream Maker

So far I’ve done various ice creams and frozen yogurt and the machine also came with recipes for gelatos and sorbets. What else can I put in there? Soy milk? Almond milk?

You can make mixed drinks. Frozen Margaritas for example.


Yeah, but my SO is a recovering alcoholic.

You can make a sorbet-like dessert using tamarind pulp. water and sugar. To make it more interesting, add a bit of hot chile.

I haven’t tried it yet, but I was thinking about making a frozen coffee by pouring my carton of pre-made iced coffee in there and lettin’ her rip.

But I’m working my way through a bunch of recipes fron the Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream book. Yesterday was Goat cheese with Roasted Cherries. Today is Pistachio Honey ice cream.

You don’t have to add the alcohol.

Unfortunately, the alcohol really helps.

I do a number of ice creams (mango, raspberry, chocolate) and the essential ingredient is the 100ml of white rum or baileys that I add to the cream, sugar and fruit -
it stops ice crystals forming and keep the ice cream soft in the freezer.

Of course, 100ml in 1 liter of icecream is not really alcoholic, but your SOs tolerance may vary.


Hm I detest goat cheese, but the pistachio honey sounds good. What about toasted macadamia tidbits with honey and white chocolate? I had a toasted almond/white chocolate that someone made a few years back. Blood orange sorbet is also nice.

I suggested frozen drinks and gave Margaritas as an example.

You do not have to add alcohol and you could make a Frozen Lemonade or Chai Tea for other examples.

Ice cream is usually not a drink.

OP if you are making a frozen drink ice crystals and creaminess do not have to be a negative factor. You can add what you wish. Ice crystals are in fact desirable.