Explain my boss's odd behaviour

I get on pretty well with my direct boss. Let’s call him C. We’re the same age, similar upbringing, we both have a strong work ethic (my SDMB abuse notwithstanding), similar world outlook, good professional relationship, etc.

Recently I did a sterling piece of work for my company, which I achieved during an 80-hour week, during which time I was working from home. Much kudos, including the following from the CEO: “Jim, Just wanted to thank for your brilliant work. I know you worked your balls off. I think we should explore you working from home x days per week?”

Anyway, this week, our office heating system packed up. It’s freezing in the office.

So yesterday, in the light of my recent performance, the above email, and the fact that the company’s staff policy states “we encourage teleworking”, I said to C “look, it’s freezing here; I just can’t get warm. My hands are so cold I can hardly type. Would it be OK if I work from home tomorrow?”

He looked uncomfortable for a few seconds, then said “I really think we need you around.”

So I come in this morning to find an email from the receptionist saying that C was working from home this morning! He came in just before noon. WTF??? :mad:

Anybody got any ideas?

Maybe he wanted you there because he felt that if he worked from home there would be someone there he could rely on.

Then again, maybe he just hates you.

Regarding your above theories:

  1. If he’d have said “do you mind coming in, because I have to be at home tomorrow morning” I wouldn’t be so perplexed/annoyed.

  2. Maybe you’re right.

I agree, he probably wanted you there, as his back up while he sits in his cozy warm house, drinking hot chocolate and listening to music.

Is it legal to make you work in conditions where it’s so cold you cannot do your job?

I think he wimped out and didn’t tell you why he wanted you there because he thought you’d be annoyed.

Wimpy sucks.

Probably not, but I don’t want to be a troublemaker.

Have you noticed that it only gets cold when mr.C is there?
jjimm I am thinking you may be going through some sort of breakdown. Let me pass a few things by you and see if things perhaps become clearer.
Ok think back now, is it not true that YOU are actually the new boss at the office, you replaced mr.C after tragedy struck one morning when mr.C tried to staple users instructions to the office fans flex.
You are plagued with guilt since he was actually using your stapler (mr.C was light fingered), but nevertheless you accepted the job of replacing mr.C.
Now with the added stress and all you have been believing yourself to have been having conversations about work related topics with the late C.
Have you ever noticed the nervous looks on the faces of your workstaff after you have had long talks with C in the canteen?
But I dont think you are really that crazy jjimm, just because no one else can see him does not mean he isn`t there.
And the icy temp (not the fridgid seceratary) in the office proves it…
jjimm, you see dead people.

Good luck with that btw, you know, the visitations and stuff.

Goddamnit smam, that explains everything. I wondered why C and I are never in the same room at the same time.

It’s not legal. Call him at home and tell him that you’re not totally clear on OSHA regs, but you’re pretty sure proper circulation is in there. And that you’re going home. Just tell him.

Course, Smam’s theory is pretty good. The first rule of going to work is that you never talk about going to work.

:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

You work for the head of Her Majesty’s Secret Service?


It’s a real honor to have you on the Board, Mr. Bond. :smiley:

So now you know who the CEO is…

Actually Mr.C was the lead singer of a dance group in the 90`s called the Shaman, remember the (pro extasy) tune Ebebeezer Goode?
It had Jerry Sadowitz in the video.

I just had a horrible thought jjimm, maybe Mr.C is diddling your wife, goddamn it, where was he that morning?

Isn’t that M?

There’s a real life one too, the head of M.I.6 or something, other than M…I forget what letter.

I thought Mr. C was the one with Cotton Candy? Or something.

Mr. M had a Munching Mouth.