Explain taliban.com

It makes no sense to me whatsoever and I’m even puzzled as to what language it is in. The “splash” page looks russian, but I don’t have a cyrilic font set yet the text is displayed.

taliban.com (might offend some?)

It appears to be an american site making fun of bin laden, with a bunch of ads.

Sorry, I tried a WhoIS lookup, and it said no information available… not sure how they managed that one.

I tried a whois and got a guy, John English_sounding_name, in Wilmington, Delaware, with

Domain servers in listed order:


The second page starts with:

I think it’s some guy’s attempt to make some money on click-throughs with some Osama-bashing.

The pages you get if you click on Lenin or the other guy on the left, on the main page, are written, I think, in Danish.

Go Delaware!

What language is the writting then. Do the diagrams make any sense? Or is it all in good humor?

It’s not cyrillic. Look closer… The words on the right say “Louis Touton”. Here’s his bio:
I can’t quite make out the name on the left (John? Poster).