Explain the appeal of a series you love in 25 words or less.

That’s clear enough, right? It needn’t be a television series, by the way; book series and movie franchises are eligible too. Just stay under 25 words, as there’s no point in playing tennis without a net.

Giving the title of the series does not count toward the 25-word limit. Contractions count as one word.

To begin:

*Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

*Great action. Believable character development. More moral complexity in one episode than the entire movie series. If they’d close Ahsoka’s boob window, it’d be perfect.

Doctor Who.

Brilliantly fun and witty, a show in which brain regularly triumphs over brawn. Can make you cry and laugh uproariously in the same episode.


Old-School tough guy cop, interesting hick-criminals, great dialogue. lots of shooting.

Y: The Last Man

Exciting, Imaginative, funny, thought provoking, great art, and has a beginning, middle and an end.

Patrick O’Brian’s Aubrey/Maturin series:

Gripping and complex plots, amazing adventures, wonderfully believable characters, beautiful language, incredible wit, scatological humor that’s actually funny. And the food, good God the food.

Cowboys in space.

(Three words…beat that, emmer effer…)

I will both match it and beat it. For the same series.


Kicked into engine.



The Dresden Files:

Polka-driven zombie tyrannosaurus.

That is all.

Terry Pratchett’s Discworld: Funny humanist fantasy with heart.
Iain M. Bank’s Culture series: Big universe, cool AIs, lovely aliens, anarchism works and humans aren’t top dog.

Of course that also describes Bravestarr :slight_smile:


“I know she’s in there,” said Verence, holding his crown in his hands in the famous Ai-Senor-Mexican-Bandits-Have-Raided-Our-Village position.
Paladin of Shadows

Military porn. Real porn. Varangians. Speed metal. Valkyrie and Dragon. Go, Oleg.

Best scene ever.



Sociopathic New Yorkers get into random hijinks.


Inventive, intelligent self-referential comedy; like seasons 2-8 of The Simpsons, but live action.

Game of Thrones: Politics, swordfights, boobs and dragons.


Funny, touching, self-aware, and the best show on television currently. Has one episode called, “Criss Angel is a douchebag.”

When They Cry:

Paranoia. Brutal murders. Board games.

Being Human - BBC Version

A vampire, a ghost and a werewolf walk into a bar. They die, some again. Another vampire, ghost and werewolf walk into a bar.

Breaking Bad:

Fifty-something nobody chemistry genius gets cancer, decides to live, cook meth, make money for family. Breaks Bad, becomes meth-kingpin of southwest. Hilarity ensues.

How I Met Your Mother

Legen… - wait for it - …DARY!

(It really is)