Explain This "Married With Children" Joke

I was watching “Married With Children,” and Al wants Peg to wash his clothes.

Al) Please Peg, was my clothes

Peggy) I don’t want to do the wash, there’s nothing to buy there.

Al) Peg, I’m serious, this shirt [points to the shirt he’s wearing] doesn’t show up in the mirror

What is the point of that joke. “My shirt doesn’t show up in the mirror”???

I don’t get it.

His shirt is dead… like a vampire?

I remember those early seasons, where Peg pretended to cook and do laundry…

Yeah, the shirt has become evil and undead. One of Al’s shirts ended up with a sweat stain that reminded Peg and Marcy of Elvis and his house became, much to his annoyance, an Elvis shrine.

Loved, loved that show.

If she washed it with Twilight Brand Laundry Detergent, would it sparkle in the sunlight?

I’m not sure I even get the second joke. Did they have to go to a laundromat for their wash? I would’ve thought their house had a washing machine.

That was in the show, Al says he ain’t gonna fall for that a second time, he says I don’t need to give you quarters for a washing machine we own.

That is the exact show where that joke came from.

In another episode, the washing machine broke down completely and they made Marcy do the laundry; when she and Steve complained, Peg said first that her car “didn’t go to the laundromat” and Al reaffirmed later that she wasn’t going, like it was understood.

This was the same washing machine that shrunk Marcy’s dress to go-go dancer length right before an important career-changing dinner party.

I do believe Marcy had much more interaction with Peg’s washing machine than Peg did.

I remember three different shows where Marcy was doing the Bundys’ laundry!