Married With Children

I always thought Peg was much hotter than that skanky ass Applegate chick. I dunno what Al is always complaining about. I’d do her in a second.

you’re sick

friedo, even the FOX network frowns on incest as a plot line.


Uh, I think friedo meant that he didn’t know why Al was complaining about sleeping with Peg. Hence no incest involved. Though I could be wrong as to friedo’s meaning…
But, I don’t really share it. Peg just didn’t float my boat. Kelly was pretty good, but you’ve got to take into account the skand-index. Her skank-index was pretty high.

Peg wasn’t UNattractive… but they did her makeup so as to make her seem like your stereotypical redneck, Oprah-watching, Bonbon-eating housewife: Big red hair, tight skanky clothes, overdone lipstick and eyeliner… etc.

Kelly had a nice smile.

Bud wasn’t that unattractive, was he? I mean, yeah, he was short… but aside from that…? Ladies, what say you? (I can’t make any conclusions on that… I’m just a sexually-confused SPOOFE).

However, I DO think Marcy looked like a chicken. And Jefferson was the coolest sumbitch I’ve ever seen on television.

I have to agree with friedo on this one. Katey Sagal is babe-alicious, even decked out in full blown Bundy mode. Too bad I couldn’t stand the show after the first season.

No…incest is baaaaad, m’kay? I’m sayin’ Al shouldn’t bitch and moan so much about having such a hotty for a wife. All he has to do is convince her to shut up.

This probably says something about my diseased psyche, but I remember wanting to do the horizontal bop with Marcy something fierce. Didn’t think she looked like a chicken at all, although with hindsight I can see the resemblance.

I always thought he was decent-looking. I never could understand that angle of the show: that Bud was so hideous he could never get a gal.

Actually, what we saw on MARRIED…WITH CHILDREN and what the characters were talking about seemed to be two different worlds.

Did the Bundy house look that bad to you? No peeling wallpaper, sagging ceiling, decrepit couch.. the place wasn't awful. It had a yard, a garage, plumbing that worked.

For someone who never did housework or held a job and who sat eating bon bons all days, it's noticeable that Peggy did not put on weight. And Kelly had questionable taste in clothes but she obviously had a large wardrobe and her clothes looked clean and not threadbare.

I do have to say that, when she was seventeen or eighteen, Kelly Bundy pushed all the right buttons in my testosterone console.**rawr**

Katey Segal and Amanda Bierce were both hot. The makeup artists for Married With Children sure made them look like something else, though. Peg Bundy looked like trash, and Amanda Bierce looked like a boy. To see either one of them off that show’s set, you’d barely recognize them. I’ve always been particularly impressed with how them made Amanda Bierce appear flat-chested when she really wasn’t. She didn’t exactly have a heaving bosom, but she actually was shapely.

Married With Children is one of television’s greatest programs. My theory is that in fifty years, universities will be studying it as art. (I’m serious about that!)

“Look, dad, hooters!”

“That’s an elbow, son!”

Man, now THAT is art!

I won’t comment on Amanda Bierce, but with regards to her character Marcy, I’ll have to second Al Bundy, who once said she’s “Flat and Cheesy but…ain’t a pizza.”

And about the set: if it were run down and decrepit, Fox would’ve been deluged with complaints. Remember the set of Good Times? It was just as clean and just as good repair, and that show was set in housing project in the ghetto. But that’s sitcoms for you.

I will have to get used to Ed O’Neill as tough New York City cop.

Despite the loss of the Loser Goober accent, all I can think of when I see him is “Al Bundy.”

What the hell, the actor O’Neill has probably paid his dues as an actor for years. He’s probably due his shot at the “Big Apple.”

If it turns into a hit, maybe he’ll stop being identified instantly with Al Bundy. Maybe.

I dunno, Louie, I saw a commercial for Big Apple… the first shot of O’Neill was for about a tenth of a second, but I immediately jumped up and screeched “AL!!!”

The thing that always bothered me about MWC is that Al and Bud both were constantly lusting after young chicks…like, say, their daughter and sister, Kelly? Hello? Personally I always thought Christina Applegate was just beautiful, and I thought Bud was cute. I don’t care that he’s short. So am I.

Amanda Bierce sure threw off this straight guy’s “gaydar”… (I dunno…do we breeders even have gaydar?)


Not sure what you’re saying here…Are you saying that you got the impression Al and Bud lusted after Kelly (eeeew), or that since Kelly existed that neither Al or Bud should have had as active a libido as they did, OR that they should have had a better attitude towards women than they did.

In the first two cases, I’d ask why…in the third…hey, since when does being related to a woman stop men from being sexist pigs?

When it comes to being sexist pigs, Kelly and Peggy were` as bad if not worse than Al and Bud-probably the women were worse because they were more successful at it. Kelly got dates when she wanted dinner and Bud shook out the toaster for crumbs.

Remember Peggy explaining to Kelly’s class how to use and manipulate men? The sexist behaviour was pretty evenly matched between the females and males on MWC.

The thing that always bothered ME was the fact that Al kept lusting after young women, but everytime an attractive woman started coming on to him, he’d get scared off.