WHOOOOA BUNDY!! The 'Married with Children Reunion' Thread

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Tonight’s the night, folks! At 9:00 (8:00 CST) on Fox!!

I’m just the sort of person who should hate MWC–I’m female, literate, college-educated, theatergoing, been known to go to a French restaurant or two, doesn’t drive a Dodge, doesn’t care about football, hell, don’t even have beer for breakfast very often. Let’s face it, if the Bundys were in this world I’d be Steve.

But I luvved the show, even in the tenth season when it sucked with the force of a thousand monicas (made that up, spread it around). Looking forward to tonight a lot. It’s long overdue.

Who’s on the tasteless flowered couch with me? I got Girly Girl Beer and Bundy Trail Mix!! :smiley:

cadolphin and I are SO there!

And we have DirecTV so we can see the Eastern Time Zone feed!

I’ll be on the couch with a beer and my right hand tucked in the waistband of my pants!

I loved this show! My two favorite shows were the one where Peggy dreamed they were on a pirate ship and the one where the Bundy family vacationed in Dumpwater, Florida.

One hour to go! I have my hair teased up tohere, my cleavage pushed up to here, and I’m sitting jiggling my foot in anticipation!

I will be watching! What year did the show go off the air?

Lola, 1997. Very ignominously, too–they shot the last show three weeks before Fox announced the cancellation, and didn’t have a proper wrap-up show. The cast learned about it in various indirect ways–Ed O’Neill learned it from a couple who approached him in a motel parking lot to commiserate (he thanked them and brought them breakfast), Christina Applegate from talk radio, etc.

Sad way to end the show that had been the second thing ever shown on Fox.

Christina Applegate and David Faustino were mere pups when that show started!

Oooh, look! I found a great Bundy website:


That’s run by my friend Andreas Carl from Switzerland. Great guy.

Ten minutes in and I’m lovin’ it!

Truly one of the best reunion shows IMHO!

Now, if I can just get Rico to go upstairs :wink:

<Al Bundy>

Aww, Kathy, we just had sex three weeks ago!

</Al Bundy>

I really miss that show. It was what it was and did not pretend to be anything more. (if that makes sense) And if I see another Joe Millionaire commercial, I am going to shoot my TV!

I used to be able to do a DEAD ON Peg Bundy. Can’t anymore, though.

Kinda funny. Reminded me of the shows I liked. Seems like they filmed the whole “reunion” in like a half hour or something. Amanda Bearse is looking rough. Davfe Faustino looks like a half dwarf half full grown person, still. Ed is getting old. Katey is getting saggy in the breasts. Christina ia still hot, though older.

“Go flash your badge at some REGISTERED voters pal”

Is it just me, or did Christina Applegate get plastic surgery? In the last few seasons, she looked very different (in the face, I mean)

Or perhaps it was just that they let Kelly look stylish instead of just slutty?

What amazed me the most was that Christina Applegate looked SOBER! In every single late-night talk show appearance I’ve seen her in since the show’s cancellation, she was giggling like a coked-out lunatic. There is only one chemical in the world that can create that type of laugh…believe me, I know. :wink:

You can say “tits” on network TV now? Interesting…

Damn! I missed it! Would have loved to have seen it! Damn, damn, damn!

I found Katey Sagal looked better now than she did on the show, but that may be the hair and ugly clothes she wore in the series.

So what happened in it (he asked, expecting a similiar response to when he asked the same question about some Saturday Night episode, aka none)?

Silent…basically talk about their experiences and show clips.