Law and Order: Trial by Jury has been cancelled...

…or so the rumours go, at the moment.

What do you guys think? Applause? Tears? Shrugs?

Definitely a ::shrug:: from me. I watched the first three episodes and then just sort of forgot about it. It’s has (had?) a good cast, but I didn’t feel anything for the characters.

I watched the first one, then lost interest. I thought the trial in the first episode was stupid, and that based on the evidence the prosecution had, there was no way the man should have been convicted, but he was.

I’ll bet this is a blow to Dick Wolf’s ego.

:: shrug ::

I’ve been watching it, but not really caring all that much. As long as they don’t touch SVU, it’s no great shakes by me.

I mean we saw this comming, it was the 40th series for the franchise. Oh Wait, just the 4th? Same Difference.

Point is, you can’t rob peter to pay paul, and make a profit.

Didn’t Crime and Punishment suffer the same fate? ((Or did we all forget about that one too?))

Trial By Jury wasn’t horrible, but my pillow will not be wet with tears tonight at the news of its cancellation.

I just wish they would cancel that crapfest called Law & Order: CI…that actor who stars in it is truly one of the most annoying people on television.

Them’s fighting words, pardner. :wink:

I’m sad that Bebe Neuwirth no longer has a regular stop on my television screen, but other than that, I’m with the shrugs.

Amazing cast, horrid structure, crappy timeslot. I won’t miss anything but the promos with Kirk Acevedo.

I agree, TBJ really did nothing for me. Then again, the whole franchise has seemed a bit stale lately. SVU is probably the best right now, although the Benson-and-Stabler-boy-my-life-sucks storylines are getting old. As far as CI goes, Vincent D’Onofrio has practically sleepwalked through this season. But there is allegedly news on the horizon. D’Onofrio has been supposedly hospitalized with exhaustion (which in Hollywood can mean anything), and Chris Noth is stepping in next season for an undetermined number of episodes reprising his role of Det. Mike Logan. There may be life in the old show yet!

Really? When is CI on? I HATE D’Onofrio and LOVE Chris Noth. Mmmmm…Mike Logan.

I never understood the point of CI. Can someone briefly explain the premise of the show to me?

Hmph. Y’all ragging on one of my favourite shows… grumble grumble grumble :stuck_out_tongue:

I actually like D’Onofrio (even if he, admittedly, hasn’t done his best work this season). The premise is supposed to be that the show is told from the villain’s point of view as well as the investigators’.

I’m also not too upset about the cancellation. I’ve only watched it a few times, actually. If I’m watching TV at that time on Friday, I’m usually watching Numbers.

The thing that most grated on me with the few eps I saw was that the defense was always unrepentant slime. While I sort of expected the show to champion the procecutors just like the other shows in the franchise, it was hard to sit through an attorney suborning perjury quite as casually as those guys seemed to. If the defense was a little more sympathetic, the verdict would have a little suspense to it. The flagship show often does this, where the defense’s argument is almost, but not quite, convincing, so that you don’t have a clear foreshadow of how the judge and jury will take it.

On the subject of Criminal Intent, I’d like to put myself forward as a fan. Detective Goran is the Columbo of his generation, with a good bit of Fox Mulder smeared on top. He’s a little unbalanced, but it gives him a unique perspective on the criminal mind. I love watching the way he shapes his own outward personality to target the particular weaknesses he’s spotted in the suspect.

The premise of the show, in addition to showing a bit of the victim and villian before and sometimes during the crime, is that this is the Major Case squad, the best detectives in all of NYC.

I like him, too. It’s not D’Onofrio who’s like that, it’s his character who’s kind of odd and quirky. I’ve heard a lot of people complain (not necessarily here) that they don’t like CI because D’Onofrio is “so weird.” It’s a character! Other people have said they “don’t get” the seemingly unconnected vignettes at the very beginning. You have to pay attention, and it’ll all come together.

I’m also looking forward to Chris Noth being added in the fall. I loved the show they did together. I think with CI, people either love it or hate it; there’s no middle ground.

I’m another one who isn’t too upset by the cancellation of Trial By Jury. They’ve just wrung too much out of the franchise. It could have been better - I was expecting more behind the scenes with trial prep; maybe jury selection, seeing jury deliberations, stuff like that, but it turned out to be just like L&O: Original, but not as good.

I will actually miss it – if for no other reason BeBe Neuweth (SP?). Talk about not giving a show an even chance: Friday night 10:PM. Really, only old farts like me are home to watch anything at that time.

To be fair I often taped it and watched Numb3rs --which I watch mainly for the performances. The episodes haven’t been all that compelling, but the same can be said for L&O:TBJ.
I wonder if it was really a show for Jerry Orbach and when he passed, they just couldn’t carry on?

Though most likely it was ratings.

Trial By Jury sure didn’t take long to lean long and hard on the crossover crutch, did it? That would seem to indicate a lack of faith in the show’s ability to deliver on its own.

But did they renew “Elevator Inspection Unit”?