Any interest in new Law & Order show?

I was wondering if anyone is looking forward to the new Law & Order show Trial by Jury? Through my job I’ve been able to watch a couple of episodes and thought they were quite good. Does anyone care about Law & Order anymore to justify a new series?

I am. Bebe Neuwirth stars, and we’ll have a few episodes with Jerry Orbach as well, I believe.

I still regularly watch the original Law & Order as well as SVU. I occasionally watch CI (perhaps more next season when Chris Noth has a semi-regular character). Criminal Intent was never really my cup of tea, however.

I’m just happy to have some adult-oriented scripted drama on the schedule.

/Ms Cyros

I’m looking forward to it. Some of the new law and orders are just OK. Some have been great. I’ll give this one a chance.

I’m also interested in seeing the last few episodes with Jerry Orbach, just out of a morbid curiosity.

I’m a pretty loyal Law and Order viewer (CI is my favorite; SVU least favorite) but frankly, I’m starting to get a little Law and Ordered out.

According to the Nielsen cable ratings for the beginning of this month, L&O and its variants hold 6 of the top 15 spots for cable shows. And for current broadcast ratings, L&O and SVU are both in the top 20, not bad for shows in the difficult 10pm slot.

I think people care about the series more than they ever have. The success of the reruns on USA and TNT is a testament to that.

I watch them all, though I only watch new episodes of SVU and CI, and rely on re-runs for L&O: Mothership. I like that they’re all different enough to be interesting, but all comparable enough to be comforting. I’m hoping Trial by Jury offers the same features.

I’ll watch a couple to see if I like the process. I’ve never stuck with a true “law” show for very long, but I’m very interested in Bebe, Carey, and Jerry.

I’m looking forward to it. SVU is my favorite, but I prefer the older episodes with Stephanie March so mostly I watch the re-runs.

That’s how I feel. I’ve watched the original L&O off and on over the years, and SVU is pretty good, but the child molestation episodes get to me after a while. I love CI, though.
I’ll give this new one a try, but like you, I think I’ve reached my limit.
I’m in it for Amy Carlson - I was disappointed when she was killed off Third Watch. She was one of my favorite characters.

I’m definitely interested. Does anybody know when it premieres?

I’m only interested to see Lenny Briscoe pop up.

We miss you, Jerry.

Yes, we get to see the last shows with Briscoe, who I miss already. :frowning:

It premieres next Thursday, one week from today, at 10 p.m. (It’s taking ER’s slot until, from what I’ve gathered, May Sweeps.)

I’ll be watching, for Bebe Neuwirth, Carey Lowell and Amy Carlson who rank amongst my favorite actresses. (Especially Bebe. She’s just tremendous in everything she does.)

Oh, btw, according to Extra or ET or one of those shows last night, they’re writing the end of Lennie Briscoe to mirror the end of Jerry Orbach – he will pass in his sleep having worked right up to the day. The fourth (most likely) or fifth (possibly, but less likely) episode will feature a memorial service for Briscoe. I predict that I will be a pile of weeping uselessness when it airs.