Now many friggin networks can "Law and Order" support?

Don’t get me wrong…
Law and Order is great.
Law and Order: Special Vicims Unit is a fine program.
Law and Order: Criminal Intent is terrific.

Actually, I’m not sure what the deal with last one is. All the criminals in the other shows have criminal intent by definition.

But WTF? It’s pretty much the entirety of TNT’s prime time programming. It’s taking over prime time USA, not to mention NBC, the originating network.

It just ticks me off that there are so many channels on cable, and so few actual choices.

Who was it said, yeah 500 channels and not a thing to watch.:rolleyes:

Aren’t they coming out with Law and Order: Jury Duty soon?

Not to mention Law and Order: Parking Patrol, and Law and Order: Personnel Division

There was an article in the NY Times magazine a couple of weeks ago that discussed Law & Order. It said that the show was designed to maximize its success in syndication. Thus: no story arcs, very little background info on the characters (which also makes them easily replacable), and a consistent format.

You know, CSI seems like it’s in the same vein (it’s just 9 seasons younger than Law & Order).

Don’t forget Law and Order: Elevator Inspection Unit

So long as L&O beats the living snot out of 99% of commercial network broadcast television, I really don’t have a problem with it. I regard the show as a law-based version of the Simpsons, as (I’m sure) the programming executives do as well. Mind you, I’ve not seen an episode of it in over two years, so it might have degraded. I just tend to think that there hasn’t been much competition yet, or it would have been dethroned by now.

Next on Law and Order:

How we make all those pretty badges!

PS: CSI (Cud Swallowed Indefinitely) doesn’t hold a candle to L&O.

Law and Order: Drunk Tank.

The funny thing is that I would rather watch a Law & Order re-run on TNT than a brand-new episode of some of those shows now on the networks.

Law and Order succeeds for the same reason McDonalds succeeds. I say this being a consumer of both products. L&O is comforting in its predictability. You get to know the format so well you can watch an episode for 45 minutes without realizing you’ve seen it five times before.

L&O has to be considered the most profitable television show in history. I don’t know what the record for the longest running hour long drama is as well, but I suspect they are getting close.

I think there is some F.C.C. rule that it must be playing on at least one channel at all times. I only watch it if it is an episode with Angie Harmon. After my wife told me she would “change teams” for her I watch it just because it brings forth all sorts of mental pictures for me. But those are for a different post.

Law & Order: Taxi and Limousine Inspector Unit

Coming this fall.

Already done! :slight_smile:

I likes L&O… I also likes C.S.I., and… and… okay, there’s nothing else on that I like. All the sit-coms on TV are piss-poor rip-offs from overseas (Men Behaving Badly and Coupling were two of the most gut-splitting shows ever… when shown on the BBC), the two Bs have been slowly twisting the knife in Star Trek’s gut ever since the end of DS9, and I don’t wanna watch the contestants of FearFactorSurvivorSurprisePunkWedding eat bugs.

So, I guess I’m hoping it ends up supporting them all. :smiley:
Oh wait, I like TLC… eh, I hit submit already too late.

Law and Order is terrific. Criminal Intent is a steaming load of crap. D’Onofrio, usually a fine actor, overacts all over the frakin place. And I can’t stand a character in a police drama that knows everything!!! Who spots the important clue right off the bat and makes horrendous leaps of logic to come up with the correct conclusion. Who knows the bad guy just by looking at him. I love Law and Order because it doesn’t have that (usually).

“See, here’s the thing, the light for #5 is burned out.”
“I think i’m gonna be sick.”

And coming this fall,

Law and Order: Bureau of Weights and Measures

the spin-off from the critically acclaimed Law and order: Park Poop Patrol.

Now, if they would combine Law and Order with Taxicab Confessions

Law and Order: Tree-bourne Felines Unit

Law & Order: Officer Milk Carton Unit