Married With Children Appreciation Thread

I saw a Best of MWC is coming out on DVD and 2 of my favorite episodes of all time are on there.

The one where Al buys Bud and Kelley a car but avoids taxes on it by registering it as a farm vehicle and forcing them to drive around with a live chicken in the car whenever they take it.

The other is the one where Al kills power to the block and eveyrones AC goes out. The family takes a trip to the grocery store and sets up lawn chairs next to the freezers to cool off. End in a shopping spree if I remember correctly.

Show JTS when Marcy, who was not yet out of the closet in real life, looked more manly than her husband. You’d have thought that since she wasn’t playing a lesbian on the show she could have continued to look somewhat feminine instead of so butch. That kid that was on there for a few episodes sealed the fate though.

What are your favorite episodes?
When did it JTS for you?

I have no favorites because I hate the show. Always have.

However, that has nothing to do with the actors, I know what’s-her-face did the voice of the cyclops on Futurama (incidentaly, I have finally caught a few episodes of this on Adult Swim and it is pretty good), I really enjoy Ed O’Neill’s work and Christina Applegate is, well, farging gorgeous. Though I have read that she’s pretty smart too, she just doesn’t do any acting any more to try to prove it.

Ah, well.

So, based on what you said in your post, you do not appreciate MWC?

Then why the hell did you bother to post in a MWC appreciation thread?


A fat woman “hee-hawed” into the shoe store today…

Gee, your honor, I don’t know where that shotgun came from…

I said, “Til death do us part.” After I die, I’m free to date…

(On how Peg got pregnant)
I was asleep when it happened. I dreamt I fell into a washing machine and woke up feeling cheap.
God, I loved that show!

The original show was just plain great; the Bundy’s were one of the top comic families on TV.

It jumped relatively early – When David Garrison (i.e., Steve Rhodes, Marcy’s husband) left. And it had nothing to do with Ted McGinley. Garrison was the one sane member of the group; when he left, it went off-balance.

[Kelly] Strom clods are heading for CHICK- ago. Winds are reported at 30 miffs. [/Kelly]


stinkpalm I merely wanted to say that while I do not appreciate the show, I do appreciate the actors and their abilities, which is part of the show.

One of the best 5 TV shows ever, IMNSHO. Show JTS when Seven came aboard, then jumped back over when he disappeared (except for milk carton shots). I still catch the show whenever I can.

Katey Sagal is in another sitcom now with John Ritter. I watched an episode - she was cooking, she was trying to be a good mom to her kids, and worst of all, she didn’t have on a red wig. Ruined the show. She will always be Peggy Bundy to me.

Great show.

And I believe that much of it was written and directed by WOMEN…even though many women hated it. And one woman tried to get it taken off the air early on.

I have 2 online friends…a French woman and her Austrian boyfriend who also love it and watch the reruns in England where they live…

In fact I call her Peg and him Al because their relationship is like a married couple (they live together)

They call me Jefferson.

Great farcical look at marriage. Remember when they were stuck in traffic on their way to the beach. They moved about 1 inch in the half hour. And of course it was all Al’s fault.

Oh, I love MWC!! I watch it every day on FX–it comes on before Buffy.
My favorite episode was the one with Sam Kinison. It was a take on It’s A Wonderful Life. If Al was never born, his wife and children had the Ideal family. Rich, happy, successful, respectful, everything. So Al is given the choice…he can never be born, or he can go back and his family can be miserable.
He decides to go back because they don’t deserve to be happy.

IIRC, at one point Peg was pregnant and then the next season it was as if it had never happened. What was the dillio with that?

Ivar, they started that storyline because Katey Segal was pregnant in real life. Unfortunately, she miscarried. To get out of the storyline they used the Dallas “it was all a dream” excuse. IMHO, one of the few situations where the use of that plot twist was justified.

It was that show that was on every night when I got home from work, and I watched it every time, and was ashamed of it, and laughed my arse off quite regularly. It was one of the only shows (to this day) that ever makes me laugh aloud when I’m watching alone.

I wish I could remember more of it. But my fuzzy memory means I’ll enjoy it that much more when reruns come back on one of the two channels I get in my house.

All I like is the opening song.

Loved that show, I’ve got every single episode on tape. Who’s got a list of the shows coming out on DVD? That might be worth it for me to buy a DVD player finally…

My favorites include the pilot, where the Bundys meet Steve & Marcy for the first time, and ruin their marriage in a matter of minutes. In fact all of the season 1 & 2 episodes are classics. (Why don’t they release each season in a box set like the X-Files and Simpsons??) Another fav is the one where Al gets stuck playing a game called “Ethical Dilemma” with Peg & the D’Arcys for DAYS on end.

In my opinion the show never JTS; Seven was a close call, but luckily they fired that no-talent little brat pretty quickly. (He would show up on milk cartons from time to time.) I think the show had at least 2 or 3 more good seasons left when Fox in their infinite wisdom decided to move it around the schedule and then said, “Oh gee, the viewership’s dropped by half, we better cancel it.” Well DUH, if we knew WHEN IT WAS ON, we’d be watching it!!!

Oh, and don’t forget, the MWC reunion is premiering Sunday night at 9, on Fox (of course.) :slight_smile: