Married with Children Television Series

Will the cast of the MARRIED WITH CHILDREN tv programme
be getting together anytime soon for a reunion? I for one hope so, as it was the best thing ever on TV, up there with I LOVE LUCY and BEWITCHED. What are the caste members doing now?

Sorry, I’ve heard no plans of anything of the sort. It seems that all involved have moved on (though not necessary to bigger or better things).

There is some lingering bitterness between the some of the cast, crew, and producers, and the Fox network over the way the series was unceremoniously booted off the air, without a proper series finale or sendoff after so many seasons.
I wonder what became of the guy who played “Steve Rhodes”. I’m too lazy to do an IMDB search now…maybe when MWC comes up again.

I don’t know why critics hated that show, I always thought it was quite smart in corky and foolish way. I hooe Ed O’Neill gets more work. He was in that short lived “Big Apple” tv show and “Lucky Numbers”.

IMDB says O’Neill:

Was nearly cast as Sam Malone in the TV show “Cheers”

Taught Social Studies in Youngstown before acting.

Tried out but was cut by the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Expected “Married: With Children” to be cancelled within the first 6 episodes.

Was considered for the role of the father in “Family Ties” (1982).

Is left-handed

Katie Sagal and Christina Applegate are also VERY good actors-especially Sagal.

Sagal’s a voice in FUTURAMA. Applegate just got married.

I’ve noticed Amanda Bearce’s (Marcie Rhodea D’arcy) name on the credits as a director for MadTV the past few weeks. I don’t think she’s done a lot of work in front of the camera since MWC went off the air.

The actor who played Steve Rhodes, David Garrison, has done a good bit of work on Broadway, I believe, in the show “Titanic”. He’s quite good, I hear.

That’s good to hear, because when I looked on, it looked like he faded into obscurity. He was very funny in MWC.

There is a guy in Germany who runs an excellent site for everything about MWC:

I thought that David Faustino as Bud Bundy was the best acting at about 100%, with the rest all at 99% though.
I loved when Jefferson Darcy or D’Arcy was spotted in one episode of being the photographer on LOVEBOAT, which the actor was, and also in another series. And when Marcie realizes that her new name since she just married will be Marcie D’Arcy! Be sure to check out the Bundyology site and most of the characters also have their own fan pages, including David Faustino. There is also an excellent interview with him on the internet someplace that is easy to find, just enter David Faustino. He says in it that he was attracted to Kelly all the time. On Bundyology you can contribute to goofs on the show, such as sometimes the Darcy house being next door and sometimes across the street, and the German guy even noticed that the numbers are impossible.
There is another goof where it is supposed to be winter and there is a bush shown outside the door not all frozen up and leafless. The show had almost nothing to do with Chicago (except for showing the actual Buckingham Fountain), and anybody from there can find a lot of hilarious mistakes. In the episode where at the end Al is playing for a Kankakee, IL team there is a big hill in the background. The only hill anywhere near Kankakee, which is about 58 miles south of Chicago, is a pile of slag.

what was the name of their sexy daughter? she was well hot. she’s the reason i never missed an episode.

Kelly, played by Christina Applegate.

Kelly was well hot indeed !

They never mentioned which town the Bundys lived in. However, a column by Chicago Tribune columnist Bob Greene pointed out that a comic book based on Married With Children revealed that the Bundys resided in the city of Schaumburg, Illinois. If you’re familiar with the area, that’s perfect!

Um, dood, yes they did-they lived in Chicago!

I remember once telling my friends that it would be funny if Steve came back to be with Marcy after she married Jefferson-and then it happened!

Many times they mention living in Chicago, and if you check the German site you will find an attempt to locate more precisely where, I think. I contributed a goof about that, something about the way the numbers on differents sides of the street run, and somebody else did too (qui vide ultra if that means which see above, or maybe it is infra).
They’re near an expressway because on one episode they can see their house when they’re stuck on the expressway during a family vacation. As I mentioned above, sometimes Marcie
s house is across the street and sometimes it’s next door.
They’re not necessarily near a shopping mall because they have to drive, and shopping malls are in the suburbs although by now they may have built some in the city itself, I hope not.
Here’s another goof: In the episode where Mr. Jupiter, the “healthiest man in Chicago” comes to Peg to train her (as a prize), he wears a picture of the planet Saturn on his shirt, and that symbol appears on his tv show also. Probably somebody didn’t know that Saturn wasn’t Jupiter.