Married with Children question.

Simply asked,

Why did Al never want to have sex with Peggy? She was so hot in a slutty way.

That flat chested lesbian is one I would never touch.:smack:

They talked about that in their recent reunion special.

It was explained as something to the effect of long term bordom. After so many years she just wasn’t sexy to him anymore. They went on to say that they thought that they were one of the first shows to deal with that aspect of marriage.

He never cheated on her though, and Katy Segal (sp) said that as an actress she played it as if it was really good once, and that was why she was always begging for more.

I think the point was that as a couple married for quite a few years, the Bundys tended to not have much sex, and Al was far from adequate in that department by that point in his life.

I think he also resented her for falling pregnant with Kelly, after which they “had” to get married. Yes, I know that was his responsibility as well, but Al was a lunkhead from blue-collar Illinois: that’s how he would see it. I remember comments like, “And for want of a condom…an entire life was wasted.”

So (he thought), if he’d been able to resist Peg’s sex appeal when they were in high school, he wouldn’t have gotten into a shotgun marriage, and could have fulfilled his dreams. Whatever they were. Then after Bud happened, Al developed a permanent association: nothing good could ever come of sex with Peg.