Married with Children, Bud's rapper -did you catch the inside joke?

Can’t believe it took twenty plus years to catch this joke.

*Grandmaster B *

Remove Grand. D’oh! :eek:

Never occurred to me. A friend and I were discussing the show earlier today. Bud’s blow up doll was a pretty bold statement.

What other innuendos did I miss?

If you missed that one you may have missed a lot. Did you realize Kelly was a slut? That Al had smelly feet?

Pumpkin? a slut?

Oh my

There will never again be a show this outrageous and awesome.

Fox was struggling to get established and they let Married do whatever it wanted. The edgier the better.

What other show had Santa Claus crash and die in someones yard?

Al shooting the neighbors dog while it’s taking a crap?


Watching repeats I’ll pick up some things I missed before, There really weren’t limits for the show, the first attempt to reign them in with an FCC complaint back-fired and gave them a huge ratings boost. Damn well put Fox on the map with a genuine hit show.

Fun fact: According to canon, Bud Bundy’s “Grandmaster B” persona was actually Al Bundy’s idea. Bud invented the character during season six, the same season where Peggy & Marcy became pregnant, in order to work around Katey Sagal’s real life pregnancy. Sadly, Katey suffered a miscarriage, so the pregnancy storyline was written out of the show, by having the entire first half of the season become a dream of Al’s.

So when Al wakes up, after finding out his wife and neighbor aren’t pregnant, as well as other stuff that had happened, he asks Bud: “Aren’t you legendary rapper Grandmaster B?” The others make fun, but Bud rubs his chin and says, “Hey, that’s an idea…”

Faustino never did that much after MWC which somewhat surprises me, certainly a much less impressive resume than the rest of the Bundy’s. I thought he did a good job with the physical comedy, sort of a poor man’s John Ritter. I guess he a reputation of being hard to work with.