Explain this optical illusion to me please.

Check out this “optical illusion”. Okay so it’s really just a painting but it’s a neat one. They say there are seven horses in it. I can only see five though and I’m usually pretty good at these things. Anyone see seven?


This is an example of Bev Dolittle’s work.

You probably need a better image of the original painting to see all the subtleties.

I see only 5, counting noses, ears, legs, anything else I can see. Who says there are seven?

Five, surely.

I say there’s five.

I’d say five, too, unless you have a really good imagination…

Nope! Look above the center horse, the rock that looks like it protrudes above that horse…well thats a larger horse … Still looking for seventh.

I only count 17 legs! Poor crippled horse, standing on one leg.

Here’s a cleaner image of it, if you’re getting frustrated with the first one.

Bev Doolittle - “Pintos”

I have to admit, I’m only seeing five too.

Yes, there are 7. I have a book of hers that includes preliminary sketches, so you can see all the hidden bits.

I think she is brilliant.

Hmmm…, maybe all 7 from the sketches didn’t make it into the final picture. Until someone can outline 7, or even 6, horses I am gonna have to go with 5. Unless 2 horses are completely hidden behind the other 5. In that case I count 12.

sod the horses… who else sees the human skull?

The other two horses died because you didn’t believe in them.

Maybe I’m just hallucinating…BUT I see a slightly larger solid brown horse in the center behind the other horses. It is facing left and has it’s ears laid back.

The seventh horse is just a head and is large. It completely fills the upper right corner and is also facing left. If you notice there are two round spots…one is the nostril and the other is an eye. The ears are not shown. Try to focus out the “obvious” horses.

That horse is named “Teeters”.

phew! man am i glad you saw that too, thought my mind was playing tricks with me…

There are only 4, really - the middle one looks more like a cow with a mutant horse face.

I see a man holding an axe wearing a mask. Does that mean something?

So you are saying that the “extra” two horses are not literally other horses, but “horse shapes” within the painting? If so, I think that is kind of misleading. If I really squint my eyes there are like 27 horses in the image. :wink:

I am assuming, maybe incorrectly, that we are looking for 7 real horses all standing, or sitting/lying, in the field of view. If that’s the case, I only can find 5.

I concur. I see only 5. I’m usually good at these puzzles too.