Explain this UFO (not little green men) to me.

Sorry carnivorousplant I misunderstood. I thought you actually meant shadow as an explanation of it subtly changing as it moved across the surface.

LSL Guy, yes I realize a high enough orbit may provide the right apparent motion. I don’t know how many useful orbits exist that are going to be high enough though. Molniya perhaps? Satellites are generally not big in the first place, how small is a typical satellite going to appear in silhouette at LEO? Consider how small the ISS looks in LEO against the full moon, and it is far bigger than anything else up there. At some point a satellite is going to be too small to even be visible at the resolutions of the video.

Probably USA’s “NAVSTAR”… which provide GPS, but other contenders could be USA SDS III-4 or Russians (Meridian 4 or 6, or OKO 87 or 89 )

Chinese GPS is at similar period, a little larger at 770 minutes, so without accurate timing its hard to be sure.

I knew you knew, but some of our posters may have taken you too literally. Sorry if I tweaked your nose. That wasn’t my intent.

That same angular size vs. time of transit mismatch was what led me to suspecting the video speed has been messed with.

I agree 100% with you that the ISS in its low orbit is about the right angular size as projected against the Moon. So any other higher-orbiting satellite would need to be correspondingly larger. And there is no such beast, period. It’d take a hard-core CTer to believe any Earth gov’t has secretly built something both bigger & higher-orbiting than ISS.

Absent the distortion trail I mentioned, I’d bet it was simply footage of ISS or some other large LEO satellite with the playback speed adjusted to throw us off.

The distortion trail is what drove me towards something operating in the atmosphere. Though even in the (peacetime) military we didn’t fly around with all our lights off at night. The absence of lights is the biggest argument against an aircraft.

I don’t know how to square that circle though.

I did not pursue the other videos that outfit has on youtube, but his commentary gave me the impression he was a chemtrail CTer and holding himself out as a voice of reasoned and careful research. IOW, providing profitable fodder for the truly crazy. Hence my suspicion that all is not as it seems and not everything he said or showed us is 100% unvarnished truth. The things he almost says are perhaps more important than what he does say.

Heck, maybe it was simply a distinctly identifiable aircraft complete with blinking lights which he just overlaid with a small cluster of black pixels. Not too hard to do these days.

14 k of g in an f p d. anyone?