Explain weight-loss plateaus to me.

I know the standard (and maybe correct answer) is that your body goes into “starvation mode” and adjusts your BMR. That doesn’t seem to address a few observations I’ve made.

  1. Plateaux always seem to be the same weight. I plateau at 240-245 lbs and 220-225 lbs which seems to be biofeedback on fat %. If that’s correct, then how does the body decide what fat levels to plateau at?

  2. Why are plateaux so hard to break through. Eat less and exercise more and it doesn’t seem to make a difference. You can even gain a pound or two at a plateau.

  3. Once your break though the plateau, why does the body lose weight relatively easily to the next one? It took 3 weeks to go from 252 to 244 and 1 week to go from 244 - 240. Based on past experiences, it will be fairly quick to get to 225-230 then a looooooong time to get from 225 to 220. Does your body decide it’s not starving anymore?