exploding head--possible???

I saw a video clip where a guy is blowing up an inflatible raft. His son jumps on the raft causing the guy’s head to explode. It looks so real, but it doesn’t seem plausible. Anyone know if this could really happen? Thanks!

Wouldn’t the air go into the guy’s lungs or stomach? Why would you think his head should explode?

Hey Teesa,

We saw the same video at work. We came to the following conclusions.

  1. The valve on most blowup boats is a one way valve, so the air wouldn’t even flow out of the raft after the kid jumps on it.

  2. Supposing that the valve failed, the size of the tube would limit the amount of air coming out, and the weight of the child wouldn’t be enough force to cause any damage.

  3. Supposing that the valve failed and the kid weighed more and the tube could have let more air out, then the cheeks or lungs would blow out before the sinus’s would blow out.

  4. Supposing that the valve failed, the kid weighed more, the tube could let out more air, the cheeks held together, the lungs held together, the man just had some sort of surgery where his sinuses and/or skull were fragile, then yes, it could happen.

  5. But what are the chances that all that happened, AND someone was videotaping at the same time?

So we concluded that it was staged, but we also agreed it was funny.

This wouldn’t have been a cartoon, would it?

I didn’t think this up myself, I actually saw a video clip of a guy’s head exploding. It didn’t look fake, so I was wondering if this was even remotely possible…

Bryan–it wasn’t a cartoon

SandWriter–it just looks so real shudder Not like the guy was really a dummy or something. Plus, I think it was from the “Faces of Death” series–aren’t those supposed to be real?

I really think you need to double-check.

The man’s lungs would blow out before his head exploded in such a dramatic fashion.

I don’t know where it came from, but I have seen many websited debunking some of the scenes from faces of death. Like this one for example…


Not really plausible. Things burst at the weak points under pressure. The weak point in this case would be the subject’s mouth on the inflation tube. There could be severe injury but there are a lot of things that would let go before a head would explose. You’d get the Dizzy Gillespe cheek thing but serious damage points might be eardrums and lungs.



websiteS that is…

It’s fake. But it’s really funny. (knowing that it’s fake makes it funny). It is a good hoax video, though.

Teesa, you gotta stop believing what you’re seeing on stileproject.com .
Much of it is fake…but fun!:wink:

pkbites–I got it from Kazaa, but it did indeed say stileproject.com on the video ^^;

Thanks everyone! I feel much better now lol

I’ve seen it too; take my word for it, it was not a cartoon, but a clever live-action bit. Just a joke video made for people to email to each other for amusement.

I saw another short film called “Bus Dodge 2000” or something like that…

A guy starts in front of the camera, runs in the direction of a street, passes in front of a car (which barely misses him but doesn’t swerve even one inch, my only bit of evidence that it is fake) then tosses himself onto the ground as a bus zips just a hair above him. He quickly jumps back up and runs back in the direction of the camera.

Fake. I know. How was it done, though? Anyone else see it or can find it? I think its been long since deleted on my pc.


I found the origin of the video mention in the OP.

It’s from http://www.theviralfactory.com/. Click Gallery, and it’s the last one in the left column, “Headrush”.

If you click “see case study”, you’ll read that it was created as a “viral” marketing technique.

I know, I’m just heaping on the condescension.

It doesn’t look real to me. It doesn’t look faked - in that I don’t see obvious cuts, etc - but it doesn’t look real: you’d expect blood, not sawdust, surely?

It probably wasn’t backflow from the air in the raft; rather, it was more likely a case of the Hyper-Cerebral Electrosys.

As you can see, this has been documented a number of times.

The link to Matthew K. Gray’s home page at: <http://boardgamestuff.com/gray/homepage/>
clearly states that this is a hoax.

Aside from that, the inflation nozzle will not pass sufficient air to cause any signifigant physical damage to the facial structure. Now inserting an air pressure hose nozzel could very easily. High pressure air is a dangerous tool not a toy.