Exploding mailboxes??? Why, and how to end it?

A friend just e-mailed me what he says is the text of the note left in the rural Midwestern mailboxes, along with the pipe bombs. So is this guy for real? Is he crazy? What can we do about him? Text follows:

Mailboxes are exploding! Why, you ask?
Attention people. You do things because you can and want (desire) to.
If the government controls what you want to do, they control what you can do. If you are under the impression that death exists, and you fear it, you do anything to avoid it. (This is the same way pain operates. Naturally we strive to avoid negative emotion/pain.)

You allow yourself to fear death! World authorities allowed, and still allow you to fear death! In avoiding death you are forced to conform, if you fail to conform, you suffer mentally and physically. (Are world powers utilizing the natural survival instinct in a way that allows them to capitalize on the people?) To “live” (avoid death) in this society you are forced to conform/slave away.

I’m here to help you realize/ understand that you will live no matter what! It is up to you people to open your hearts and minds. There is
no such thing as death. The people I’ve dismissed from this reality are not at all dead.

Conforming to the boundaries, and restrictions imposed by the government only reduces the substance in your lives. When 1% of the nation controls 99% of the nations total wealth, is it a wonder why there are control problems?

The United States strives to provide freedom for their people. Do we
really have personal freedom? I’ve lived here for many years, and I see much limitation. Does the definition of freedom include limitation? I’ve learned about the history of various civilizations in history, and I see more and more limitation. Do you people enjoy this trend of limitation? If not, change it!

As long as you are uninformed about death you will continue to say
“how high”, when the government tells you to “jump”. As long as the
government is uninformed about death they will continue tell you to “jump” Is the government uninformed about death, or are they pretending?

You have been missing how things are, for very long. I’m obtaining
your attention in the only way I can. More info is on its way. More
"attention getters’ are on the way. If I could, I would change only one
person, unfortunately the resources are not accessible. It seems killing a single famous person would get the same media attention as killing numerous un-famous humans. There is less risk of being detained, associated with dismissing certain people.


Someone Who Cares

PS. More info. will be delivered to various locations around the

“There is
no such thing as death. The people I’ve dismissed from this reality are not at all dead.”

That sounds like an implication that the culprit is a murderer.

I can’t believe these people don’t put a lock on their mailbox. Such boxes have a little slit
in them for the mail to be put in.

This is unbelievable. Like something from a Stephen King novel.

I’d be inclined to dismiss this as an urban legend, if it weren’t for the news coverage I’ve already run across.

Most people don’t have such mailboxes, and it’s a bit hard to cram a magazine or a small package through a slot.

From my recollection, most people have plain plastic or metal mail boxes. Very few are as you describe. Every so often there’s a custom box welded on to some wheels, or a box painted the color of their team.

Perhaps it is time for people with rural mail service (like me) to buy specific boxes with a lock that can be unlocked by both a private and a master key, to be carried by the postman. Or perhaps we can recognize that this is just a nut, and isn’t going to last forever.

Wikkit and Kricket both from Iowa, aren’t we just the pair?

Anyway, around here you won’t get your mail delivered unless your mail box is left open.
As said in a prior thread BeagleDave and I are in Davenport and I have a bunch of relatives in Eldridge. Both places were hit.
And the one that was hit in Tipton was my supervisors relative who is okay except for hearing loss.
The thing that weirds me out is that this person or peoples hit Davenport Iowa and Davenport Nebraska. And if you look at a map of the area that he hit in my area the Quad Cities which is Iowa and Illinois it makes a perfect circle.

It appears that the most recent bombs, those in the Texas panhandle, have given the FBI a suspect.

FBI issues bulletin in pipe bomb cases (CNN)
FBI Issues Alert for Pipe-Bomb Suspect (AP)

This past weekend marked the fourth anniversary of Unibomber Ted Kaczynski’s sentencing. Coincidence?

Actually, it sounds like the culprit has a warped view of Christianity to me. I’m surprised that they didn’t quote a few Bible verses along the way.

It also sounds like the culprit meant for his bombs to kill a few people, rather than that he killed a few people before this.

The bomber brings up an interesting point, though. Not only does the killing of a celebrity bring more media coverage than non-celebrities, the targeting of the Midwest rather than, say, New York or Washington, D.C. brings a significant reduction in media coverage.

You have Dominatrix Smurfs in Davenport? Man, I must have hung out in the wrong places when I lived around there. Well … if it wasn’t Stickman’s, it’s likely you didn’t see me much, especially on goth wednesdays!


Pipe-Bomb Suspect Arrested in Nev.

You mean they caught a suspect.

Oh, Interface are you going to be heartbroken if you ever come back for a visit.
Stickmans is gone and McButts is rarely open and the one across the street which just happens to be in my back freakin’ yard is still a dive just under the tenth new name in the past five years.
And just for those of us who are a little slower than the rest (me) are you saying you lived there on goth Wednesdays or avoided?
As for not hanging out in the right places Davenport is now rumored to have at least two dungeons.