Exploding Maple Trees in Northeast

Can somebody tell me if there is such a thing as maple trees exploding if their building sap is not tapped? I thought I heard a news story on NPR about it but cannot find any other information on the phenomenon.


Uh…it was a joke. The show aired on April 1st, I think.

That was the annual April Fools’ Day news story on All Things Considered.


It is a plot to destroy everything Good and True in America!

A plot by…The Canuck Jihad!! <insert scary organ music +lightning>

Think of it this way, kcarriker.

Maple trees have been around for a long time, and in a lot of places. They evolved without humans around. If maple trees that weren’t tapped exploded, a) we would have them exploding around us all the time, or b) we wouldn’t have any at all, because they would have all exploded before humans showed up in the first please.

<<Must avoid salacious and gratuitous comment concerning the desire for sex among teenage males and the issue of blue balls.>>


That’s why young Canadian ladies go out each spring and tap maple trees.

New England Suffers Maple Woes

The part about ‘Table Syrup’ from southeast Asia cracked me up. One of their best; it was about 90 seconds or so into it before I realized what was going on.