Exploding Mosquitoes

So I read the story on flexed muscles and exploding mosquitoes about 3 days ago, very interesting.

Yesterday (July 18, 2012) I just happened to be out by a large body of water and conveniently surrounded by swarms of the pests. One landed on my arm and immediately I flexed my bicep as tight as I could. I told my friends not to slap it as they killed dozens that landed on themselves. Staring intently, I could see its abdomen growing larger and redder as others landed on my chest, back, and legs. Every once in a while, a friend would slap me on the back or side and I could see the trapped mosquito flop from side to side, unable to escape with it’s proboscis anchored into my arm. After a couple minutes, my arm was already burning just to maintain the flex/ We all piled into a car and started driving, mosquito still attached. Someone rolled down a window and the wind blasting against this bug, it still couldn’t escape and I could sense that a small explosion of blood and guts was mere moments away. Then the driver swerved and in the brief moment that I struggled to maintain balance in the back seat, the mosquito managed to pull out and barely fly away as I swatted at it.

The take-home from this: Not worth it. My arm was burning from flexing as hard as possible for about 5 minutes, I was covered in bites all over the rest of my body from ignoring the other attackers, and I have a mosquito bite on my arm that is bright red and slightly larger than a quarter. Yeah, it would have been cool if the mosquito had popped, but it didn’t. It got away and I paid the price. Just slap them dead and move on with your life.

You need to be eating Tabasco sauce.