Explorer 8: How to stop downloading?

My work computer has Explorer 8 as its web browser. If I go to a website that has ads – which is all of them – I need to wait for the ads to stop downloading before I can use the slider to scroll down the page. This is really annoying if I just need to look up one thing and I can see part of it at the bottom of the page and can’t scroll down to it.

Is there a way to cancel downloading of ads, pictures, videos, etc? I’ve tried clicking on the red X to the right of the URL box, but it seems I have to wait for things to stop downloading before I can click on it.

Try the Escape key. That works on animated GIFS, might work for this.

I tried the Escape key. This thing seems determined to download ads and pics!

(Maybe I’m just spoiled by Safari and fast Internet access at home?)

Wow, that’s bad.

Would they let you download Mozilla Firefox? It’s free, and I think it’s less ornery.

Google Chrome is free too, and it’s usually pretty fast, but it also updates incredibly often–without telling me, let alone asking permission–and that could be annoying.

both firefox and chrome have an adblock add on that stop almost every ad from happening.

Some sites do this on purpose to make sure you view the ads. if this is your home page (msn and yahoo are kinda famous for this) you may wish to consider a new landing page or try a new email provider like gmail since googles main page is pretty light.

I agree. Unless there’s something that requires you to use the slow page, switch to another site with a better layout.

I also agree that this is probably sometime the site’s done on purpose, since you have to go out-of-your-way to make a browser behave that way.

Yeah, I go to MSNBC (or whatever they’re called now) to scan the news. And I have a Yahoo email, so I look at the news there as well.

If you are have to use IE but are allowed to install software/extensions, try this.

If you are not allowed to install software but are allowed to plug in your own flash drive, you can put something like Chrome Portable on a flash drive and run that.