Where is my STOP button? IE10

It was missing in IE9 too, but I’m just now getting around to complaining about it. The address bar used to have a red X that would stop some annoying ads from moving when clicked. It’s gone now. Can I get it back? Or is there another way to stop these ads from jumping and blinking? It’s very distracting.

One of the beautiful things about an internet with open standards is that when a single product fails to perform, others can step in and fill the gaps.

I vaguely recall the “Escape” key maps to stop in most web browsers.

Nevertheless, I highly, highly, highly recommend that you switch to using the browser “google chrome”. I have used it for several years now. At this point, more people use chrome than use internet explorer - it is now the “world’s leading web browser”.

It has a much easier to understand, stripped down GUI. Actually, it doesn’t have a stop button, either. Nevertheless, it has a vastly simpler set of menus, it has consistently been one of the fastest and most stable web browsers, and so on. To stop ads, I recommend the Chrome addon “Ad Block Plus”, but there are many choices.

That announcement was sponsored by your favorite web monopoly, Google.
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The Escape key still works to stop animated gifs in IE10. It used to work in all browsers, but Firefox and Chrome seem to have recently disabled this function. :mad::mad:

Firefox now has an extension called Active Stop Button which you can use, I guess like the stop button you used to have on IE. Anyway, it stops all animated gifs, not just those in ads. The Ad Block Plus extension (available for Firefox and Chrome alike) will block most ads, animated or not, but not gif animations unconnected to ads. On the other hand, neither the Escape key nor the Active Stop Button will prevent Flash animations (which are often found in ads, but also elsewhere). Still, I don’t suppose you IE stop button used to do that either. Firefox also has a Flashblock extension that prevents Flash content from starting automatically. Another Firefox extension I find useful in this regard is Nuke Anything Enhanced.

I have not yet discovered an easy way to stop all webpage animations. The efforts of web designers to annoy us, and distract our attention from their actual content, is unceasing. Nevertheless, I have been able to stop most of the blinking idiocy with the combination of Firefox extensions mentioned above. I don’t know if they are all available for Chrome. My understanding is that the range of extensions available for it is a good deal more limited than for Firefox. Anyway, I do not use it. I detest its “stripped down” GUI and “simpler” menus, and I do not want Google to have any more control of my online life than it already does.

Anyway, to get back the functionality you thought you had lost in IE, just use the escape key.

Dunno if it’s exactly what you need, but Adblock Plus is now available for IE, and it works quite well.

According to their website there are still a few bugs to work out in the IE version. I think I’ll give it a little while till it’s stabilized and then install it. Looks like it’ll do what I need it to do.

OHHH! Is THAT what the “stop” button is for? I had always presumed that it was to tell the browser to give up when trying to contact a site that wasn’t responding. And it NEVER stopped any time that I clicked it. I figured that they removed it because it never worked.

Now that I know a different use, maybe I’ll give it a try. Thanks!

I just popped in there to say that, but I see njtt beat me to it. I’m going to say it again here anyway. Especially this part:

I just noticed this a few days ago, on my machine with the (more-or-less) current Firefox. On my Linux box, I’m still using Firefox 3.6.something, and it’s going to stay that way.