Why does Internet Explorer hide Adblock Plus?

I want to read an article in The Seattle Times, but Adblock Plus is turned on. To turn it off for The Seattle Times in Chrome, all I have to do is click on the ABP icon and say it’s OK. In IE, I still haven’t found it. Do how do I find ABP in IE? (Also, why does Microsoft make everything so difficult? I virtually never have problems finding things on my Mac! :mad: )

Instructions for turning off and pausing in multiple browsers including Microsoft Edge:

In IE 9:

Don’t use IE. :smiley:
Besides, IE isn’t even the Microsoft browser of choice any more. They want you to use Edge.

That site says they don’t support IE.

I disabled it following the instructions here. Actually, I saw the ‘disable’ option before I posted the OP; but I was hoping there was a way to disable only for specified sites.

Oh, well. It’s the company’s computer. If it gets a malicious ad, it’s their problem.

Yeah, I shouldn’t have posted that link. It’s for AdBlock, not Adblock Plus, a separate extension.

There’s a workaround for doing what you want to do here: