Explosion in Upper Manhattan

Police and fire officials are on the scene of an explosion and partial building collapse at 116th Street and Park Avenue – East Harlem residents reported hearing a large explosion in the six-story apartment building around 9:30 a.m.

Whoops, what I meant was “Probably a gas explosion.”

Or…CT warning…

Did anyone see a Malaysia Air 777 fly in to it?

According to CBS,

Seems that way, though the bomb squad is on scene just in case. Whatever it was took out two buildings.

No, it couldn’t be terrorism, it’s gotta be those evil “assault rifles” fault…

All other issues aside… Metro-North just can’t catch fuckin’ break, can they?

ETA: Glanced at news and pix. I wonder if we’re looking at a self-cancelled terrorist attack?

My brother works in East Harlem, hope he’s okay. :eek:

It’s much more likely it’s an accident, and there are reports that there had been gas leaks in the area, possibly even in that building last night. These are two five-story residential buildings in Harlem. If Google Street View is up to date, there’s a storefront church in one building and a piano store in the other.

My first instinct when reading the headline was “gas explosion” as well

Does Bill Clinton still have an office in Harlem? If so, how far from the explosion is his building?

I’m guessing gas leak, don’t see any way this would be terrorism. How much time between initial explosion and collapse?

Two deaths confirmed so far. Has anyone heard what type of building it was? The news reports are conflicting & confusing.

His office is on West 125th Street, so it’s about nine blocks north and two and a half blocks west of these buildings.

In fact Con Edison got a phone call about a gas odor and a crew was already on the way when the explosion happened.

Apparently it had apartments there. Gas explosions are always very bad. Buildings just disappear from the force.

Fuckin’ what? How the hell does this persist? Is this on the gas company or the building owner?

The buildings, assuming these links work and the addresses are right.

So who would be living there: the poor, the middle class or the more well off?

I have a strong feeling that particular witness is full of shit. Con Ed takes reports of gas smells very seriously. It is unlikely in the extreme that people all over a neighborhood would have been smelling gas for weeks without reporting it.

I think that white van parked out front is up to no good!

Never underestimate human stupidity – or laziness, in this case.

It does look like the block is primarily residential, which is most fortunate, because most of the residents would be at work. What a tragedy, though.

you can have the smell of gas over a very long period of time without it getting fixed. It can be leaking from many places making location of it difficult. It happened in my neighborhood over a period of years. We’d report it, they’d come out and drill holes all over the place and check it with probes as well as check individual line pressures. If your house line checked out you were OK. If not they shut it off until a new line was run. Eventually they dug up the entire line and replaced it.