EXpresso on Wheel of Fortune!

“Solved” puzzle this evening: Expresso and Slot Machine! And they gave it to her! That is absolutely incorrect! It was explained that this mispronunciation is so common, now, that it’s correct. :confused: This type of thing is happening way too effing often, these days! Should she have gotten away with this or not?

Yeah, I’m fine with that. It’s not like WoF is Jeopardy!.

I could care less. It’s all one in the same. Excuse me while I go grab a lite beer.

Then again, these days, it’s not like Jeopardy! is like Jeopardy!

She should of gotten it wrong. For all intensive purposes, her answer was incorrect. I hope that she doesn’t excape that show with the money.

I thought Wheel of Fortune was about spelling words, I don’t see what pronounciation has to do with anything. The mispronounciation may be common, but the spelling is clear cut. There’s no real gray zone there, it’s either an x or an s.

Well, I didn’t see the show, but did Vanna turn over an x or an s?

Expresso? Is it too much to aks a game show based on spelling to maintain a little integrity?

I watched Jeopardy! the other day, and about 25% of the answers were pop culture related. Final Jeopardy involved a Broadway play, if I’m not mistaken.

Come on, Trebeck. Get it together.

Ok, but a guy missed out once when he said, “Going to the chapel and we’re going to get married,” when it should have been “gonna” get married. Shouldn’t he have gotten it right? I mean, he was actually pronouncing it correctly?!?!:wink:

that’s adding in an additional word, which is a bigger deal than supplanting an x for an s.

i think in both cases it’s wrong. “expresso” clearly means you think there’s an x in it, or a “cs”. the point of solving means you know the word. Tim R. Mortiss and GoodOmen’s (intentional) misspellings prove that misuse of any other commonly confused words would be undoubtedly wrong. this should not be an exception.

good nite.

Are you sure it wasn’t some special clue involving a pun? Something like “Ninth Planet Or Disney Doc” (answer: Pluto)?

Er…Disney Dog. Disney Doc is what the idiot on the show answered, which was obviously and stupidly wrong, costing him $12k and making me throw my remote against the TV, which is why I happened to remember it.

way to express yourself. hah.

i also came back to ask what the clue was. espresso slot machine doesn’t really fit as a before/after.

For all intents and purposes. Unless this is a whoosh.

Edit: Never mind. I belatedly saw what you did. Consider my hair blown back. :wink:

It’s not before and after, it’s same last name. Espresso machine and slot machine (given as expresso and slot machine, not expresso slot machine – check the OP).

Need more info; was the letter S already on the board when the puzzle is solved? If so, give her a pass. But if the Board said E_PRE__O, then she clearly thought the letter X was going in there.

Haven’t had my morning expresso yet, so forgive me if this info is already spelled out in the thread.

WoF usually allows for mispronunciations as long as the player is saying the correct words. “Expresso” is ok because it’s just a strange pronunciation; “Espressos” would be wrong because it’s a different word.

Which would be incorrect, as Pluto is no longer a planet. :smiley:

I don’t think she should have got it. Just like people who solve puzzles by saying words like “runnin” instead of “running” There’s a *g *at the end. Once you’ve guessed the letters, it’s just freaking reading out loud. (Not freakin readin …)