Extended stay visa

Thailand offers a 1 year renewable visa as long as you are 50+ years old and have a bank balance of 800,000 baht (about $19.2K US).


Does any European country have a similar plan?

Lots of countries - including, I suspect, the US - have a special migration/residence category for peopel who are (a) retired and (b) wealthy. They’d like you to come and spend your money there. They reckon that, because you’re wealthy, you won’t be much of a drain on the public purse.

'Course, what counts as “wealthy” varies from country to country and, the higher the standard of lliving and the quality of public services, the more money you need to have to persuade the government that you are somebody they want to attract. I doubt very much if US$19,200 in assets is going to be anything like enough to get you into any European country on this basis.

This is all I can find:

Schengen visas for stays over 90 days are not available.