Living Abroad

So I’ve been looking into moving to Italy. I don’t need a visa to go for less than 90 days, but obviously I’m looking into staying longer than that. During my “90 day tourist visit”, and I’ve enrolled in school, can I apply for a student visa then? If I can do that, and receive it, can I just stay past the initial 90 days or do I have to leave and return?

You didn’t include some essential information such as where you are from and what you plan to study and where just starters. You may also want to pay close attention to the news. Lot’s of people like yourself have wanted to live in Italy for a while but there is a very good chance that Italy is about to collapse economically and destabilize the whole EuroZone. Taking on students who want a cool place to study for a while may not be a top priority in the next few months and you need to consider that as a real risk yourself. I wouldn’t wise to go through the expense and trouble of moving to a country that is about to go through major turmoil.

I’m a citizen of the USA. Bologna is where I want to go.
Thanks for your information. Yes, I heard the job market is terrible there.

No, I don’t mean the job market. That is just mild ache before the full-blown flu. There is a distinct possibility of complete economic collapse in Italy soon. Don’t think something like U.S. circa 2007. Think more like 1929 but possibly much bigger. It may not happen but no one has figured out a way to prevent it so far. That isn’t a smart bet to place on something you have no control over.

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