External Hard Drive Not Recognized

So, I have a couple of extra hard drives.

I put one into one of those external cases, and it works fine. I have to plug it in to power it up, but it XP recognizes it, and gives me the standard new hardware popup to see. Not elegant, but serviceable.

The other drive I just hooked up using a USB adapterjust for this purpose, and it used to work the same way, but now, I can’t detect it at all.

I’m using these for backup, so I need to know if this one’s toast or can I salvage it.

I didn’t power it up for months, but when I do, it spins right up, so I know it’s not frozen.

It worked, and now it won’t. What gives?

Have you tried swapping the drives (put the working drive on the usb adapter and the not working drive in the enclosure)? Also try changing which usb ports you are connecting to.

You should be able to tell where the problem is by seeing which combinations work/don’t work.

I have one similar to that. I wish I could tell you how to make yours work. I’m hoping someone comes along and tells us both.

My first guess would be a power issue. Try plugging it into a hub that has nothing else attached.

Go to device manager in Computer - Properties, and see what’s up. If the disk device is listed (especially, with a Question Mark over top it), try deleting it and redetecting the drive.

Perhaps the reviews on the adapter page are a clue as to what the problem is.