If you could eliminate any one species of animal on this planet, which would it be, and try to justify your reason.
Multi-celled critters only, please.

Mosquitoes. To hell with the natural balance of the ecosystem - I hate those guys (girls, I guess) on so many levels.

Malaria. How does it work when there are multiple species? Mosquitoes is a great choice, but there’s way more than just one species (Mosquitoes are a whole Family, IIRC). Malaria is a genus, I think, but at least that’s closer. I’m not sure what single species is most harmful, but I’d guess it’s a species of malaria.

Malaria is an animal?

Mosquitoes. Even for those of us who aren’t being killed by them, they are fucking annoying.

Oops… missed that part. Do you mean, literally, “species”, or a broader category like “mosquitoes”?


The Giant Panda. They are already endangered, so extinction would only have minimal effect on the ecosystem.

Besides, those furry bastards know what they did.

Never Forgive-Never Forget. I’m with you 100%, bro.

+100! And screw that “species” restriction in the OP: every single one of those little blood-suckers must go!


Then whichever species of mosquito or other biting fly (like a species of tsetse fly) that indirectly causes the most deaths through bite-transferred infection.

Fire Ants. If there’s more than one species, whichever species it was that made it to the US.

From here.

On the other hand, those lazy bastards can evolve to eat something else. :smiley:


yeah! let them prove they’re the fittest once their little flying blood-bag lunches disappear!

Not the huma bird!

Whatever species of mold grows in paint. I am so sick of opening up a paint can, only to find it rotten.


or roaches

Bad news, guys.
Molds in the ecosystem.

I’m not looking up bedbugs and roaches. I don’t want to know why they’re essential.