extra pixels: why?

I don’t know if anyone has ever noticed this before, but if you look at a television set’s screen (all screens I’ve ever seen in fact: computer, etc.), it appears as if there are extra pixels at the horizontal halfway-point on the screen. Or, in other words, the “equator” of the screen.

On tv’s, it’s the most obvious, though still hard to see.
It looks like there are four extra pixels on each side, making for a total of eight extra pixels. Why is this so standardized? Is it in the manufacturing of the sets that requires this sort of abnormality, or what?

Anyone know?

I’m sorry. I wasn’t specific enough. The extra pixels appear to be on the “equator” of the screen at the edges, right where it should be black like the rest of outer-screen. Take a look and tell me if anyone’s ever noticed them before, or knows why they are there.

Thanks! -oasis325

Only monitors have it, not laptop displays. My WAG is that they are used for color alignment during manufacture.

I have three monitors in front of me, and none of them have that phenomenon. Are you quite sure you’ve seen it on several different brands?

what is this wag based on, exactly?

i see it on televisions all the time, but i am not sure what it is for.

You are saying that, on a 800x600 screen ([0,0]-[799,599]), there are pixels at [-1,299] through [-1,302] and [800,299] through [800,302]? I just checked three monitors and none of them have this, nor do I remember ever seeing this. All monitors here are aperture grill (Trinitron) monitors, maybe it only occurs on non-Trinitron monitors?

I’m not sure if this is the same thing you’re talking about, but I have one pixel-sized hole at the midpoint of each edge of my monitor’s screen (Sylvania brand). I believe they’re aids in sizing the picture. Over time, the illuminated part of the screen tends to change size slightly (usually shrinking, in my experience), so you have to adjust the horizontal and vertical size. Just when the holes change from illuminated to not-illuminated (or vice versa), you know you’re at the right size. More rarely the image will be slightly off-center and you’ll have to move it right-left or up-down. Consult the owner’s manual that came with your monitor.

He is talking about television screens & what it sounds like are holes in the black masking of the screen. I don’t have an answer but someone can call a tv shop & ask them & get back to us. Yes, I have them on some tvs.

i just called the sony store, and the guy there said it was for positioning during manufacture.

you were almost right, bibliophage. except for the fact that if you get those pixels to not show any light, then you are seeing too much of the picture.

the stuff that is behind the black mask was never meant for you to see. if you do have a television that allows you to see that part of the image, you may every so often see cables, a sneaky boom, etc. the framing of the picture may also be off.