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Ok Ok Ok! So I do not spend a lot of time in the city. This week I happen to be in Bosoton and I’ve put a few threads up to the tune of different things I have noticed. Yesterday I had Lunch in the Financial District at a place called Sebastians. I’m sitting here today writing this thread: Its a great place to people watch and here are some of the things I see with commentary.

It seems there is a degree to which people look you in the eye in cities. I have been walking around and very few people have looked me in the eye. Usually down and or to the side.

That office across the street has a row of computer’s with young women sitting at them, backs to the street. Elevated central station with a man sitting at a computer looking at all the women playing what looks like a diablo type game. Curious what people get paid to do

There is a delivery person for everything. They don’t care where they park or if they bump into your shins with their hand truck. Curious people don’t say excuse me, or “Oh sorry!”.

I don’t expect too much from others, I’m just commenting on what I see.

People dress to either be seen or to blend. I see not too much gray area there. I walked by an invisible woman on my way in. She seemed to be dressed like my minds view of the city. Shiny purse, opaque heels, Light blue/green/gray necklace and sleek blouse. Cascading darker colors to her pants.

Down the block there was a girl with a leather jacket with razor blades tied to it with what looked like Gimp.

Beeping, honking, leveling, pounding, blowing, swaying, statuesque women. They city seems to be a live organism bustling around a dead shell. Senses are going batty, I like my quiet little world back home much better. There are no treehouses in the city. There is some good philosophical talk though. Had a great conversation with a guy last evening from Chicago.

How many dopers live in a city of more than 500,000?

Are my asertions correct about they eye thing and delivery people?

Does caring for your fellow human beings leave or get numb when living in a city?

I live in Chicago (last time I checked it was larger than a half mil :slight_smile: ) and I make eye contact with people on the street all the time. I’ve also seen a lot of genuine concern for the welfare of strangers. I’ve also encountered my fair share of rudeness and meanness, not to mention scam artists, both here and in much smaller cities.

Basically it’s a matter of being comfortable with where you are.