Extras 2: When The Whistle Blows

“Are you havin’ a laugh? Is He havin’ a laugh?”

Has anyone else seen this yet? Painfully sharp and funny. Up to the standards of “The Office,” I think. No-one plumbs the depths of tacky self-embarassment quite so well. (Although in this series, the character Maggie shoulders a fair share of the gaffes).

Even better than the first season; I think HBO is going to run it in the US in January '07.

Some truly great cameos:

David Bowie, Ian McKellen, Robert DeNiro, Orlando Bloom, Daniel Radcliffe…

And I think I love Maggie. Some talk that she (Ashley Jensen) may get a series of her own on Scottish Television.

Steven Merchant is utterly brilliant as the useless agent (with bonus squirminess inthis series, as we get to see a bit of his private life and dating techniques).

Don’t miss this. Dwarves, condoms, and the best song that the Thin White Duke has written in years…

My TiVo is set - HBO starts the second season next month. I can’t wait!