Extreme History, or "Let's Torture Roger Daltrey!"

I was watching Mail Call, getting my dose of R. Lee Ermey yelling, and, as the History Channel does, they kept showing this commercial for Extreme History with Roger Daltrey. Well, it wormed its way into my brain and I decided to watch it. And it was pretty interesting and really funny. There’s something about watching a millionaire rock star getting tortured by river guides that’s intensely amusing (and interesting). I wonder how they pitched him the first episode…

“Alright, so you’re going to go in waist deep water in a rapid and tug a giant boat with river guides yelling at you. And then they’ll concoct something out of flour and dirty river water and you’ll EAT it! Oh yea…HISTORY!”

Seriously, this is fun stuff. Anyone else watching it?

I wanted to but for some reason missed it. But I see it’s coming on again in half an hour. I may have to stay up to watch it.

It’s cool watching the vocalist for my favorite band experiencing one of my favorite places. What’s amusing is reading the forum on the History Channel site…they’re all upset about his using “friggin’” on the promo spot!

I watched, thanks largely to GMRyujin’s tip (well, and because I’m a Who fan, but hadn’t know about the show until I saw the post :D). I was much entertained! Even though I had to stay up a bit later than I ought to have to catch the 1:30 am repeat… :wink:

So, yeah, I’ve got it on my list of stuff to remember to watch now. Thanks for the tip. :slight_smile:

I had to stay up late too, Katisha, but it was worth it. I wonder what they’ll do to him next.

History Channel has had some good shows lately. All Extreme History is missing is an insane host to actually torture Roger Daltrey. I’m thinking along the lines of Peter Woodward from “Conquest.”

“TODAY on CONQUEST, I am going to teach ROGER DALTREY how to EAT A BEAVER!”

I can’t wait to see the next episode. Unless I’m completely clueless and it’s daily instead of weekly.

I for one find it exceedingly hard to believe Roger Daltrey has never eaten beaver.

Hey, it was fun. I like this particular iteration of the format (he’s not the first to do it) in which the host is not already an expert in every field. But also, insofar as the information, they did show some of the elements of ‘roughing it’ that other shows tend to gloss over – things like the bad food, or having to bail out the boat.

I was amused when, as Roger struggled to get over some rocks, one of the guides said something like “Hey, you’re the ‘rock’ star”.

I suppose that between Woodward, R. Lee and Roger the HC has set up a triumvirate of mad history hosts. I suppose the perfect new-season HC show would involve all three of them recreating WW2…

I had a bit of a chuckle when 'ol RD came on my telly and asked me if I had ever eaten a beaver. I replied “Why yes, I have!” and then thought “Did those History boys just let that one slip by, or was it on purpose”…

I don’t have cable, but I was driving with my husband when I heard the promo on the radio: "Have you ever eaten…BEAVER? Man, I got so turned on that even my husband noticed. I had such a crush on Roger when I was a kid. He was and still is sooooo hot. I’d still do him (well, if he wasn’t married). I’m sure the History Channel meant the double entendre. Roger was a major sex symbol of the '70s, which helps to draw in a mature female audience. They are also aiming for the “hip factor” to draw in younger audiences that think history is about as exciting as watching paint dry.

Anyway, it sure beats watching hours and hours of WWII footage.