Is This Series Available? 'Extreme History with Roger Daltrey'

I’m looking for the 2003 History Channel series 'Extreme History with Roger Daltrey’ at a friend’s request, and so far I’m not coming up with anything, with the exception of a few stray YouTube clips. It isn’t listed on Amazon at all, nor can I find it on (though their search function doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence) or any of the streaming sites. It isn’t coming up on eBay, either. From this, I am assuming that it was never conventionally released on video, though I’d be glad to be wrong. Oracles of the Dope, is there any way that one might view this series?


I’d like to know about this too. I searched for it years ago and came up empty. My favorite(?) scene was when Daltrey broke a Native American ceremonial bow which I think was irreplaceable. His guest was not happy.

FYI to fans, Roger’s autobiographyis due out in October.

Thanks, blondebear. I kept seeing “broken bow” in the predictive text; I honestly assumed that Daltrey had made his way to the Nebraska Sandhills, which would have been cool.

In another episode, Rog met hard core Civil War re-enactor Robert Lee Hodge. Interesting fellow.

I had read about Hodge in Tony Horwitz’ Confererates In The Attic (he graces the cover). Seeing him eating squirrel with Roger was pretty surreal.

It seems to be on something called xfinity.

That’s Comcast. It seems that you have to have the “History Vault” package, which I don’t. I only see 3 episodes available, I don’t know if more appear when you pay for the package.

ETA:… and History Vault seems to be available independently here, with a free trial.

I haven’t clicked the free trial yet, I’m going to wait until I have some time to watch it.

I signed up for the free trial, but I can only find two episodes–Surviving the Lewis & Clark Expedition* and Surviving the Early Days of NASCAR. There may be other episodes, but I’m not having any luck finding them–their search engine leaves a lot to be desired.

Thanks! I’ll take a closer look tonight.