Ey said you vill eet zem! EET zem, que diable!



So…it’s ‘heat’? ‘Eath’? ‘Heath’?


“Hit” with a French accent.

Yuck. I cooked an Iranian once. Pan-seared him then put him on a slow braise. Basted him in his own juices, then served him thin-sliced with a wine reduction sauce and a little grated parmesan on top.

Tasted like shit. From now on I’m sticking to Chinese.

And ingest all that MSG? That’s pretty unhealthy. I choose Mexicans personally.

If this is true it’s clear a Stealth Fork gap has begun and we simply can’t allow that to continue.

And 30 minutes later, you’re hungry again.

Hungary you said?

Bah, those people are all gristle. Spicy Thais for me, or maybe a Norwegian well-braised with wild duck.

Well there’s your problem, you gotta slice 'em up and fry 'em like catfish. A couple dashes of hot sauce, a couple dashes of either cider or malt vinegar and wash 'em down with a nice cold lager.