§eyboard malfunction

All of a sudden I get this § symbol when I hit the §ey between the letters J and L on my IMac §eyboard. It started yesterday but the problem later stopped. When I booted the computer this morning it reappeared. It is the only §ey that performs this way.

Can anyone help? I have Googled it but with no luc§.

Maybe the key has been remapped somehow?

My first thought was that your alt/option key was stuck (or the keyboard intermittently thought it was stuck), but option-k is ˚ and shift-option-k is . I’m not even sure, off the top of my head, what the shortcut for the section symbol is supposed to be.

I’m really reaching here, but … any chance your answer is in here?

I should have mentioned it is a Spanish §eyboard.

On a US-English keyboard it’s option-6. Not sure about a Spanish layout.

An intermittently stuck option key would probably also cause other keys to misbehave as well. But some kind of short circuit that “triggers” the option key when another key is pressed is conceivable.

On further research, Chronos’s instinct turns out to be correct: On a Spanish Mac keyboard, option-k produces the § symbol. (I found this out by going into my System Preferences and mucking around with my keyboard settings.) So it seems like your keyboard is consistently interpreting “k” as “option-k”.

Why this is happening I couldn’t say, but it might give you something to go on, or other people here some ideas on how to fix it.