Eye teeth: do people clip them?

Do some people not have pointy eye teeth, the teeth that are third from the middle on both sides of the upper set, or do they get them ground or snipped or something? I noticed some people don’t have them the other day when talking to some guy, and I notice that stars (a few I checked) don’t seem to have them either. I sure do, what gives?

Anecdotally, my father said he had longer than average eye teeth when he was a kid, and they were snipped.

Those with hollow eye teeth are to be avoided…'specially at nignt when there’s a full Moon… :eek:

Gahhh, I can only say the OP gave me a set of the jeebs.

Thanks for the image of the grampa from the munsters sitting in front of the tv, snipping off his teeth with a huge set of toenail clippers.

/never liked the dentist

My eye teeth are approximately the same size as the teeth on either side. Never had 'em clipped.

I currently have braces, and from what I understand it’s not uncommon for people who have extreme problems with crowding to have some teeth extracted during treatment. Many of the people on an orthodontic [url=http://voy.com/122554/]message board,/url] I frequent have had these teeth extracted to make room to shift over other teeth. Also, when treatment is complete, the orthodontist will often grind down and polish the remaining teeth to ensure a good bite. It may be that the people you are noticing have had orthodontic treatment.

Mine are pointy, but otherwise they’re the same size as my other teeth. I’ve seen quite a few people with incredibly tiny (and pointy) eye teeth.

I have had orthordontic treatment when I was a kid and this was in the 50’s.
I understand that these days the treatment is much easier for the kid (visually) and the adult who is paying for it.

Mine are pointy and lots longer than my other teeth, and I’m leaving them that way.

Partially cause people think it’s just ‘so cool’ that I have fangs.

I had mine ground down (the orthodontist used a Dremel-style cylindrical carbide stone, if you’d like to do it yourself [not recommended of endorsed by me or anybody else]) because a quirk of genetics left me without the second teeth from the center, and it looked funny with the pointy ones right beside the incisors.

Well, I’m almost 61 now and I’m still using mine to rip meat, open plastic wrapped stuff, strip wire, start tears for ripping cloth, marking up a pencil and other general stuff and such.

Knew a guy that had steel gray eyes and did not blink hardly at all. got shot through his mouth side to side, ( we had some rough neighborhoods even in the 50’s ) and it clipped both of his eye teeth. He had them replaced with Stainless Steel ones that were longer than normal and hollowed out in back so they would close over the lowers.

He was wicked to look at, the unblinking eyes, the scars on the face and the fangs when he smiled his not so pleasant smile.

Always gave me the ‘willies’.

O love the street bum in rags with perfect teeth I see in the shows. Bawahahahaha