Eyebrow dandruff

I’m slightly embarressed to post this but… I have this odd thing - the skin under my eyebrows is really, really dry and flaky. It’s like having dandruff in my eyebrows and as such is a bit disturbing - if i scratch it flakes of skin come off. Nowhere else is my skin like this - does anyone know what’s going on? Does anyone else get this? Why the eyebrows? I cleanse, tone and moisturise there just as I do the rest of my face - should I be doing something else? Ack.


No ideas on how to cure it, but you’re not alone.

Poor baby.



I get it too… it seems more prevalent when I wear my glasses. I always thought it was dried sweat and other ick that your eyebrows are meant to collect.

FWIW, I’ve found that if I don’t periodically (every other week or so) shampoo my beard with the dandruff shampoo I use on my head twice a week, I get beard dandruff.

I’d hate to think about putting Selsun Blue that close to my eyes, though. That stuff burns like crap!

Not a medical person here, but…

Try KneadToKnow’s suggestion for a few weeks. It won’t hurt anything. If it persists, a dermatologist would be your next step. It could be fungal in origin or something else that dandruff shampoo won’t cure.

Happens to me all the time too. I get flaking on my eyelids sometimes too. Moisturizers don’t help much either.

I’ve always figured it was related to my tendency to psoriasis though. That’s flaky, scaly patches of skin here and there that break out periodically. It can’t be cured but I’ve found stress makes it worse.

Not a lot of help, is it?

Try Nizoral shampoo. It got rid of my dandruff completely. A lot of things like that are caused by a fungal or yeast infection and Nizoral kills it. You might have to use it every day for a while.

Probably a fungus. Nizoral shampoo will help. There is also a cream with the same active ingredient, but it may be prescription-only.

I… suffer from this too <whimper>.

I find it surprising that, in its relentless push to create dissatisfaction (and thus new needs that it can satisfy), the cosmetics industry hasn’t glommed onto this specific condition with yet another series of nauseating television ads.

OTOH, I don’t want to give them ideas <shudder>. Cecil has already explained how the cosmetics industry created the North American taboo against underarm hair. The last thing we need is another body taboo.

Nizoral shampoo is available over the counter, but there’s a prescription version that I think is stronger, and I’d recommend that because it seemed like it worked better for me. I use the over-the-counter kind on my eyebrow(s) whenever I take a shower and I haven’t had any eyebrow dandruff in a long time.

Depemding on what it looks like it could be a conunctivitis or dacrocystitis. Fungal infections of the eye are far rarer. I’d try baby shampoo first, Nizoral later, antibiotics far less often.

Did you mean conjunctivitis? We’re talking about the eyebrow, not the eye itself.

Consarnit! You think I would have learned by now not to post after working a long shift. My reply actualy applies to eyeLID dandruff, so you’re right.

Thanks for all your advice. Fungus? :eek: It feels more like a very localised psoriasis and i just wondered why the eyebrows.

I don’t think Nizoral shampoo is available over here (England) but i’m guessing that’s a dandruff shampoo and that i could try a dandruff shampoo. But i’m not very happy about putting it so close to my eyes.

Thanks again.


Happens to me as well. I’m from Phoenix so my face gets especially dry around my eyebrows and nose.

Try Goldbond cortizone cream w/ aloe in the yellow tube. This stuff works wonders for dry skin and it dries quick too, so it won’t leave your face all greasy and nasty.

The active ingredient in Nizoral is ketoconazole, so look for that. You might need a prescription, so it’s probably a good idea to try other things first. But when I first used prescription-strength Nizoral on my scalp for a really severe dandruff problem, it was like a magical overnight cure, so I really recommend it for anyone with bad dandruff.

Which is, I believe, a fungicide.

As to why the fungus takes up residence in the eyebrows (or beard, or moustache, or other hairy parts), its because the hair traps moisture, creating a fungus-friendly environment.

I’ll second the Cortisone cream. See if your doc can get you 2% if it recurs; I got some and it is a miracle.

How do you tell a fungus from dandruff?

(Not to be taken as a joke, a la “Pull down its genes/jeans!”)

I was plagued by eyebrow, hairline, and chest flaking so I went to the dermatologist. Nizrol shampoo and cream cleared it all up. You can now get Nizrol shampoo here in the US without a perscription. I don’t know about the cream.