Eyes closed?!

Whenever my so-called “boss” talks to me, his eyes are closed…or fluttering. (And I’m not hideous to look at either!) Why would someone do this? Is there a psychological reason? Or does he just have a screw loose? I could give him the finger when he was talking to me and he wouldn’t even know it!

Maybe his eyes aren’t closed, he’s just looking down. At your chest.

Are you a girl?

Yes, I’m a girl…and they are completely closed. If he was looking at my chest I’d smack him!

I’m guessing he’s trying to avoid getting smacked! :slight_smile:

You play EQ, what server?

I’ve seen people who do this. I don’t know why…maybe psychological because they can’t make eye contact? It drive me crazy.

My father-in-law kept his eyes shut for a long time after his stroke but he’s OK now.

The best server of course - E’CI!

Uh no, the best server would be Rodcet Nife!

Some people can look out when their eyelids are almost closed. But you can’t really see their eyeballs. So maybe he’s just doing it to distract you while he looks at your chest.

Or maybe he does it because he’s just very nervous.

Or maybe it’s because he’s nervous that you will catch him looking at your chest with his eyes half-closed.

Ah, proddies. Everyone knows the best server is Test! :smiley:



Is his name Dave? Cuz I think I used to work with him, too. I finally asked, as politely as I could, if there was something in his eye. He explained that it was a nervous twitch that he’d never been able to get a handle on. Fortunately, he was a good sport about my asking.

Maybe he thinks better without visual distractions interrupting his train of thought; I notice that I sometimes close my eyes for a second when trying to think of/describe something, but not during an entire conversation.


I think it’s hereditary, a pal of mine had it, and his father did too. IIRC it was a diagnosed condition.

Bertox always sounded like botox to me.

If it’s just when talking to you, that’s weird. If not, I’m sure you can file it under “just one of those things” - unless you think he’s been having pinpoint strokes.

There was a girl I went to high school with who always had the habit of looking up, down, and around (but never straight ahead) when talking in class. It used to drive me batty, because it always made her seem less confident, but she would do it when she was trying to make a point. I felt she was doing what a lot of other girls do in school–they try to answer a question without it looking like they really know what they’re talking about.

Woah, I just got way off topic. Sorry about that.

I’m thinking no. Clearly, the best server is Drinal. =)