EZ135 Internal IDE drive question.

Ok, I’m going to install an EZ135 drive. I lost the instalation manual, but except for one thing, it doesn’t matter. I can install it no problem, except for one thing.
There’s a wire that I think is a ground wire, but I’m not sure, and I don’t know what to hook it up too. When I examine the hard drive, floppy drive or CD Rom in the computer I want to install the EZ drive into, they don’t have this kind of wire.
If anybody has installed this kind of drive themselves and know what I’m talking about, maybe you help. I have a picture of the bottom of the drive, and the wire in question if viewing it would help. If anybody wants to see it, I’ll try putting it up on my web page and post a link, or I could just e-mail it to you.
Thanks in advance.

I don’t own one of these drives and I’ve never used one, but I did find this article that suggests you’re on the right track with the grounding idea.


Incidentally, I also came across this technical message board during my search. Was that you posting this same question there? :smiley:

Yes, same question. Ok, I’ll attach the grounding wire to the computer case, and hope that I don’t get shocked each time I touch it. :slight_smile: