Installed a 2nd harddrive, and now the CD-ROM drives don't work.

Or rather, they work (they’ll eject and go back in, and if you put a cd in it spins around), but as far as my computer is concerned, they don’t exist. CMOS doesn’t see them, and the OS thinks their drive letters are free. I checked the IDE cable, and and it’d gotten partially detached from the motherboard, but I pushed it back on and I’m still getting nothing. I’ve taken the drives out, put them back in, futzed with jumper settings - nada. What else should I try, any suggestions?

Could a mod edit the thread title for me, so it’s not so long? Just take out the “and” or something. Thanks!

1: Double check BIOS setting to make sure both IDE channels are active and that the 2nd channel is not disabled.

2: Re-check your jumpering - Do no use “cable select” as a jumpering option. Assign both the hard drives and CD to specific master slave relationships and check each drive to make sure it’s jumpering is specific to the assignment.

4: Try using another cable on the hard drives.

5: Make sure the CD ROM cale header is plugged in the right way on the MB (cable red stripe to Pin 1 side) and that all IDE cable headers are firmly connected and property oriented in their sockets.